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Dr Mustansar Ali Ghazanfar


    Dr Mustansar Ali Ghazanfar has served as a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Digital Technologies since 2018. He successfully introduced a new course and he is the programme leader for MSc Artificial Intelligence (2020). The programme attracted 12 students in the first batch. He delivers lecturers related to Data Mining, Data Bases, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. He supervises various BSc, MSc and PhD students.

    PhD (Machine Learning and Data Mining) Oct 2008 – Apr 2012
    University of Southampton, UK
    • Thesis Title: “Scalable, Practical, and Robust Algorithms for Recommender Systems”
    • Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Adam Prugel-Bennett, ECS, University of Southampton, UK (2009-2012)
    • Dr. Craig Saunders, Head of Applied Science, Amazon Alexa Knowledge, UK (2008-2009)
    • Research Area: Machine Learning, Data Mining, prediction
    MSc Software Engineering Oct 2007 – Sep 2008
    University of Southampton, UK
    • Title: “Novel Heuristic for Coalition Structure Generation in Multi-Agent Systems”
    •  Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Nick Jennings (Vice Provost, Imperial College London)
    • Research Area: Artificial Intelligence, Multi-agent systems, optimization

    BSc Software Engineering Jan 2002 – Dec 2005
    University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Pakistan
    • Secured Gold medal (top in BSc cohort)
    • Lead Editor for special issue (2018/19) in "Mathematical Problems in Engineering”, IF = 0.8 ( (Collaboration of University of Oxford, UK)
    • Professional Membership:
      - Fellow of Higher Education (FHEA)
      - MBCS, British Computer Society, the Chartered Institute for IT
      - PASCAL
    • - IET
      - IEEE, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)


    • Referee Services
      - FSDM2020,
      - IEEE ICIIS19, FSDM19, MLIS19, ICKD19,NXT19, ICITEE19
      - WCASET17, CMVIT2017, ICDPR2017, DMCIT 2017, ICoICT 2017
      - Enchires2016 (Workshop on Engineering HCI in Recommender Systems)
      - ICBDA2016, ICICA2016, ICMLA2016, FIT2016, Samrticipation 2016, ICKET2016
      - ICOAI 2015, IFOST 2015, FSDM 2015, NSEC 2015, FIT 2015/16/17
      - NSEC 2014
      - Information Sciences (2013, 2015)
      - Scientia Iranica Journal
      - IBT’s Journal of Information & Communication Technology - IBT JICT, IAENG, ACSE
      - Senior Management Member, Ministry of Planning Commission, Pakistan


    • Data Mining, Machine/Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition: Recommender Systems, Collaborative Filtering, Information Retrieval, Kernel based learning, Classification techniques, Dimensionality reduction techniques for handling large scale data, Clustering, Neural Nets, Social Media Analysis, Cognitive Science, Web Mining and Analysis, NLP, Software agents, coalition formation in agents, multi-agent systems, search engines.
    • Forecasting, Personalization, Prediction, Decision Support Systems, Stock market prediction, Time series. 
    • Big Data, Business Intelligence & Insights, Machine Learning in Big Data. 
    • Launching new initiatives implementation, Vision, E-Govt, Consultancy, Digital Economy, Socio-economic development.


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