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Nigel Davies

Principal Lecturer - Nursing

Associated with the IHHD, Institute for Health and Human Development, Health, Sport and Bioscience

Principal lecturer in nursing focussing on teaching and supervising undergraduate student research modules and on academic staff scholarly/ research development.

    I joined UEL in 2017 as Head of Nursing to lead the establishment of the new BSc nursing programme but now concentrate on teaching and research. 
    I qualified as a nurse in 1990 and have had a varied career including working clinically in cardiothoracic care, ten year’s senior management experience as a NHS Trust Board executive director in two acute trusts and a primary care trust (PCT), and two stints in university roles in the late 1990s and since 2014.  I held professorial appointments at the University of West London (2010-2014) and the University of Bedfordshire (2015-2017).

    Nigel is a nurse, researcher, teacher and former NHS executive director. He qualified as a nurse in 1990 and worked clinically across several London hospitals in general medicine, cardiothoracic surgery and critical care. He moved into nursing management roles and was a director of nursing for ten years (2003-13) in two foundation trusts and a PCT.  He became a Lecturer Practitioner and then Senior Lecturer in the late 1990s, and was appointed as a visiting professor at the University of West London in 2010.  He joined UEL in 2017 to lead the new pre-registration nursing programmes and now concentrates on leading nursing research including teaching, staff and student development related to research and scholarly activity, and research in partnership with local NHS trusts.

    Registered Nurse – Nursing and Midwifery Council (1990)

    Lecturer/ Practice Educator (Recordable Qualification) – Nursing and Midwifery Council (1999)

    Fellow – Higher Education Academy (2014)

    Registered Nurse – NMC PIN:  86I2946E

    MSc, BSc (Hons), RN, FHEA

    Elected Public Governor at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
    External Examiner in nursing and health at Sheffield University and the University of Central Lancashire
    External Examiner: University of Sheffield (MMedSc – Nursing) and University of Central Lancashire (PGCert in Serious Incident Investigation)


    Evaluation of Nursing Rotation Programme for North East London NHS Foundation Trust (in collaboration with Adjoa Nsiah-Jennings)

    Research text:
    Current projects (lead or collaborator)
    Evaluation of Nursing Rotation Programme for North East London NHS Foundation Trust
    Scoping review of simulated learning opportunities for pre-registration nurses for Barts Health NHS Trust
    Influence of prior care experience on learning for nursing associate students (UEL – internal)
    Exploration of factors influencing how students can learning clinical skills using digital technologies (UEL – internal)

    Recent collaborations:
    Realist evaluation of intentional rounding.  NIHR funded study. Principal investigator:  Professor Ruth Harris (King’s College London). See: Health Services and Delivery Research Volume: 7, Issue: 35, Published in October 2019,

    Previously member of the editorial advisory board for Nursing Education in Practice and currently peer-review for the following journals:  Journal of Research in Nursing (Sage), International Journal of Nursing Studies (Elsevier), British Journal of Social Work (Oxford Academic), Widening participation and life-long learning (Open University)

    Nigel undertakes research related to nursing policy and practice, healthcare leadership, workforce development and interprofessional education.  He has experience of realist evaluation and mixed methods design together with an interest in the use of Bourdieu's ‘thinking tools’ to frame data collection and analysis.   His current and recent research includes:  Collaborator on an NIHR funded study into intentional rounding in hospital wards.  Final report published in October 2019:  Evaluation of the nursing rotation programme at North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT) (2020)  Scoping review and consultation of the use of simulation to replace clinical placements in North East London, funded by Barts NHS Trust (2020)  Meta-ethnography of research studies to identify craft-based practice in nursing (PhD by publication: supervisors: Prof. Angela Harden and Dr Marcello Bertotti)


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    Harris R, Sims S, Leamy M, Levenson R, Davies N, Brearley S, et al. Intentional rounding in hospital wards to improve regular interaction and engagement between nurses and patients: a realist evaluation. Health Serv Deliv Res 2019;7(35),

    Other publications can be seen at:

    Academic Journal Papers:

    Sivasubramanian, M and Davies, N. (in press) Using altered physiology simulation to improve patient assessment: a quasi-experimental study of undergraduate nursing students’ knowledge and application, Nurse Education in Practice
    Sims, S., Leamy, M., Davies, N., Schnitzler, K., Levenson, R., Mayer, F., Grant, R., Brearley, S., Gourlay, S., Ross, F. and Harris, R. (2018) A realist synthesis of intentional rounding in hospital wards: Exploring the evidence of what works, for whom, in what circumstances and why, BMJ Quality and Safety, 27: 743–757. doi: 10.1136/bmjqs-2017-006757
    Hammond, J.A., Marshall-Lucette, S., Davies, N., Ross, F. & Harris, R. (2017) Spotlight on equality of employment opportunities: a qualitative study of job seeking experiences of graduating nurses and physiotherapists from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, International Journal of Nursing Studies, 74, 172-180, doi: 10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2017.07.019
    Harris, R., Sims, S., Levenson, R., Gourlay, S., Ross, F., Davies, N., Brearley, S., Favato, G., and Grant, R. (2017) What aspects of intentional rounding work in hospital wards, for whom and in what circumstances? A realist evaluation protocol, BMJ Open, 7:e014776. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2016-014776
    Davies, N. & Donovan H. (2016) National survey of commissioners' and service planners' views of public health nursing in the UK, Public Health, 141: 218–221
    Davies, N., Fletcher, S. & Reeves, S. (2016) Interprofessional education in maternity services:  Is there evidence to support policy? Journal of Interprofessional Care, 30 (6): 812-815
    Reeves, S., Fletcher, S., Barr, H., Birch, I., Boet, S., Davies, N., McFadyen, A., Rivera, J. and Kitto, S. (2016) A BEME systematic review of the effects of interprofessional education: BEME Guide No. 39, Medical Teacher, 38 (7): 656-6
    Schnitzler, K., Davies, N., Ross, F. and Harris, R. (2016) Using Twitter™ to Drive Research Impact: A Discussion of Strategies, Opportunities and Challenges, International Journal of Nursing Studies, 59: 15-26 (July)
    Hammond, J., Marshall-Lucette, S., Harris, R., Davies N., Chu, C. and Ross, F. (2015) ‘Getting in and fitting in': An exploration of jobseeking experiences of newly qualified nurses and physiotherapists from ethnic minority groups, Physiotherapy, 101: eS512-513
    Davies, N. (2015) Lessons from school: what can nurse leaders learn from education, Nursing Management, 22 (4): 34-38
    Harris, R., Sims, S., Parr, J. and Davies, N. (2015) Impact of 12 hour shift patterns in nursing: A scoping review, International Journal of Nursing Studies, 52 (2), 605-634
    Campbell, N., Cleaver, K. & Davies, N. (2014) Oral sucrose as analgesia for neonates: how effective and safe is the sweet solution? A review of the literature, Journal of Neonatal Nursing, 20 (6): 274-282
    Davies, N., Charles, S.A., Handscomb, K. (2013) Commissioning healthcare for offenders, Nursing Management, 20 (5): 18-22
    Davies, N.  (2013) Visible leadership: going back to the front line, Nursing Management, 20 (4): 22-26
    Gale, L. & Davies, N. (2013) Young people’s attitudes towards breast feeding: A survey of 13-15 year old pupils in a south London school, British Journal of Midwifery, 21 (3): 195-201
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    Davies, N. (1997) Nurse initiated extubation following cardiac surgery, Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 13 (2): 77-79

    Published book and article reviews:
    Davies, N. (2018) Review: Perception of work-related empowerment of nurse managers, Journal of Research in Nursing, 23 (4): 331-333 DOI: 10.1177/1744987117748388
    Davies, N. (2018) Book Review: Safeguarding Adults Under the Care Act 2014. Understanding Good Practice (Cooper and White, 2017), Practice – Social Work in Action, 30 (3): 217-8
    Davies, N. (2015) Review: Silence of a scream: application of the Silences Framework to provision of nurse-led interventions for ex-offenders, Journal of Research in Nursing, 20 (3): 232-233
    Davies, N. (2015) Book Review: Safeguarding Adults and the Law (Mandelstam, 2013), Practice – Social Work in Action, 27 (2): 155-157
    Davies, N. (2014) Book Review: The Sage Handbook of Workplace Learning, Educate, 14 (1): 38-39
    Davies, N. (2000) Book Review.  Nursing Times, 96 (45): 30

    Research Reports:

    Harris, R., Sims, S., Leamy, M., Levenson, R., Davies, N., Brearley, S., Grant, R., Gourlay, S., Favato, G. and Ross, F. (2019) Intentional rounding in hospital wards to improve regular interaction and engagement between nurses and patients: a realist evaluation. Health Services and Delivery Research, 7 (35).   DOI 10.3310/hsdr07350
    Royal College of Nursing (2016) Nurses 4 Public health: The Value and Contribution of Nursing to Public Health in the UK: Final report (Lead author Davies, N.), London: Royal College of Nursing [Online] available at:

    Book Chapters:

    Davies, N. (in press) Recognising and responding rapidly to potential infection risk, using standard precautions and protocols (chapter 43), In; I Peate (Ed.) Nursing Associate Skills Textbook, Oxford: Wiley / Blackwell
    Davies, N. (in press) Using appropriate PPE (chapter 45), In; I Peate (Ed.) Nursing Associate Skills Textbook, Oxford: Wiley / Blackwell
    Davies, N. (in press) Safely handling waste, laundry and sharps (chapter 49), In; I Peate (Ed.) Nursing Associate Skills Textbook, Oxford: Wiley / Blackwell
    Nangle, V. & Davies, N. (in press) The purposes and nature of assessment and clinical assessment (chapter 1) In:  S. Woodward & S. Bassett (Eds) Mentoring, Learning and Assessment in Clinical Practice (4th edn.), London: Elsevier
    Soto-Prieto, D. & Davies, N. (in press) Monitoring progress, managing feedback and making assessment decisions (chapter 7) In:  S. Woodward & S. Bassett (Eds) Mentoring, Learning and Assessment in Clinical Practice (4th edn.), London: Elsevier
    Davies, N. (2018) Principles of Infection Control (Chapter 16), In: I. Peate, and K. Wild, Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care, (2nd edn) Chichester: Wiley.  ISBN-13: 978-1119237471
    Davies, N.  (2014) Principles of Infection Control (Chapter 16), In: Peate, I., Wild, K. and Nair, M. Nursing Practice: Knowledge and Care, Chichester: Wiley.  ISBN: 978-1-118-48136-3
    Laight, S., Currie, M. & Davies, N. (2006) Cardiac Care (chapter 6), In: Sheppard M, Adams, S., & Wright M (Eds.) Principles & Practice of High Dependency Nursing (2nd edn), London: Ballière Tindall
    Davies, N. (2000) Cardiac Care (chapter 6), In: Sheppard M, Wright M (Eds.) Principles & Practice of High Dependency Nursing, London: Ballière Tindall

    Professional press articles/ opinion pieces
    Davies, N. (2018). Measles: what you can do, British Journal of Nursing, 27 (3): 74. doi: 10.12968/bjon.2018.27.3.116
    Davies, N. (2012) Pressure ulcer rates: publish or be damned (Guest Editorial), British Journal of Nursing (Tissue Viability Supplement) 21(5): S3
    Davies, N. (2004) PPI and NHS Foundation Trusts: Case Study, PPI Monitor, 8: 3 (October), available at:
    Davies, N. (2001) Administration of inotropes, Nursing Times, 97 (29): 36-37
    Davies, N. (2001) Administration of anti-hypertensives, Nursing Times, 97 (28): 41-42
    Davies, N. (2001) Administration of nitrates, Nursing Times, 97 (27): 43

    Publication Title(s):

    Publications are presented in the following categories: research reports; peer-reviewed journal papers; book chapters; professional press articles; published reviews and conference proceedings.The publication list can be seen online via my Orcid ID ( or at Scopus ( H-Index = 8 (Scopus); 13 (Google Scholar).


    - HEE/ Barts Health NHS Trust (2020)
    Scoping review and consultation on the use of simulation to replace clinical placements in North East London

    Royal College of Nursing (2015)
    Public health nursing workforce project

    University of Greenwich (2012/ 2014) School of Health and Social Care.
    NHS London funded study into nurse employability / Facilitation of writing for publication amongst academic staff.

    Royal Berkshire Hospital (2007)
    Sue Godfrey Memorial Travel Scholarship, Infection prevention and control nursing measures in Boston, USA

    South Bank University (1999)
    Research Development Award  The experiences of patients and their partners one-month after cardiac surgery


    Nursing policy and practice, interprofessional education, nursing leadership and organisational development

    - Nursing Policy and Practice
    - The application of Nursing as a craft-based practice
    - Interprofessional education



    I lead and teach principally on two modules on the BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult) course
    NS5003 – Understanding and applying research and evidence to nursing practice / NS5103 (new curriculum) Research and Evidence in nursing
    NS6004 – Innovation and advancement in nursing practice (honours challenge/ dissertation module)

    In previous posts I have taught and led modules associated with:
    - Nursing -  BSc and pre-reg MSc in nursing (University of Bedfordshire)
    - Clinical Education - PGCert/MA in clinical education (University of Bedfordshire)
    - Management and Leadership – MBA (Bedfordshire); MRes (St Georges, University of London); MSc in Radiology (Kingston University)
    - Professional practice – MBBS (UCL Medical School)