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James Beale

Senior Lecturer in Sport Psychology

  • SD 1.20, Docklands Campus
    School of Health Sport and Bioscience
    University of East London
    University Way
    E16 2RD
  • +442082234098


    Beale, J.T & Wilson, M (2013) Sport Psychology, in Bayne, R & Jinks, G (2013) Applied Psychology: Research Training & Practice 154 - 165 2nd Sage Publications

    Bull, J.E & Beale J.T (2012) A Qualitative Insight into the Impact of a Community Based Project on Antisocial Behaviour within a Deprived Urban Area: The Case of Fight for Peace, in Gilbert K & Bennett, W
    Sport Peace & Development 453 - 464. Common Ground Publishing.

    Edwards, D.J., Beale, J.T & Edwards, S (2012) Influence of Actual and Virtual Chess on Neurophysiology and Cognition, African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance (AJPHERD) Vol. 18 (4) 780 - 786

    Edwards, S & Beale, J.T (2011) A Report on the Evaluation of a Breath Workshop for Stress Management by Sport Psychology Students, African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance (AJPHERD) Vol. 17 (3), 517 – 525.


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    Beale, J.T (2008) The Use of Social Networking Within the Sport and Exercise Sciences, The London Journal of Tourism, Sport and Creative Industries, Volume 1, Edition 2.

    Enright, T., Gibbes, C., & Beale, J.T (2009) An Investigation Into Eastern European Males Motivation For Gym Usage In An East London Gym. Oral Presentation at the ‘The 3rd International Conference For Qualitative Research In Sport And Exercise’

    Beale, J.T., Johnstone, J., & Williamson, A (2007) Evaluation of an Inter-Disciplinary Sport Science Intervention to the Great Britain Under 16 Korfball Team Preparing For the Youth Talent World Cup: Oral Presentation at ‘The 12th European Congress of Sport Psychology’

    Poster Presentations Edwards, D.J, Steyn, B, Beale, J.T & Buscombe, R.M (2011) The Relationship Between Psychological Skills and Psychological Well-Being at 'The 13th European Congress of Sport Psychology'

    Beale, J (2007) Working with depressed clients: Valuable information and guidance for those working with this unique population in the fitness industry, Register of exercise professionals journal, issue 8

    Conference Presentations: Chair and Discussant Beale, J.T (2011) International Perspectives on the Training Of Sport 7 Exercise Psychology Practitioners: 4 Different Perspectives at ‘The 13th European Congress of Sport Psychology’

    Oral Presentations Beale, J.T (2012) Opening Address at The 2012 BASES Student Conference

    Beale, J.T, Clarke-Irons, C & Silverwood, C (2012) An Interdisciplinary Approach To Supporting Professional Cricketers, Career In Sport Conference

    Beale, J.T (2012) Working As A BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist 'Careers ub Sport Conference'

    Beale, J.T (2011) Applied Training In Sport & Exercise Psychology For Those From A Sport Science Background In The UK at ‘The 13th European Congress of Sport Psychology’

    Beale, J.T (2011) Maintaining Your Training: The Battle With The Mind. At 'The British Military Fitness (BMF) Conference 09/11

    Beale, J.T & Taboas, J.C (2009) Perceptions of Sport Psychology and The Sport Psychologist: The Director Sportifs View. Oral presentation presented at ‘The 12th World Congress of Sport Psychology’



    Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology
    Positive Psychology
    Green Exercise (Exercise in natural environments)
    Interventions within Applied Sport Psychology
    Athletes and Coaches Perceptions of Sport Psychology
    Exercise and Mental Health
    Sport & Exercise Psychology Media Comment



    I am the module leader for the modules:

    SE 2108 Social Psychology of Sport
    SE 2114 Psychology of Physical Activity
    SE 3115 Applied Sport Psychology
    SEM 003 Advanced Applied Sport Psychology
    MSc Sport Psychology
    BSc (Hons) Applied Sport Science (All pathways)

    Conference Organiser:
    2012 BASES Student Conference 12 - 14 April 2012 held at the University of East London

    2012 Careers In Sport Conference Organiser 2 November 2012 held at the University of East London

    External Examiner:
    Teesside University MSc In Sport & Exercise 2009 - present
    University of West of England MSc In Sport & Exercise Psychology 2011 - present

    Public Talks
    Beale, J.T (2012) The Psychology of Sport, at The Dana Centre, Science Museum, London
    Beale, J.T (2007) New Year New You, at The Dana Centre, Science Museum London

    BASES International Travel Grant 2011£500 awarded to travel to the World Congress of Sport Psychology
    Commercial Publications
    Beale, J.T (2005) The Role of Emotions In Cricket: How To Improve Your Mental Approach To Cricket Through Monitoring Your Optimal Performance States. In Cricket World, Autumn 2005 pp 60 - 61