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Bamdad Ayati

Research Fellow

Sustainability Research Institute

    I am a materials chemist with interests in sustainable cement chemistry and alternative construction materials. My research concerns the use of X-ray diffraction and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (SEM/EDS) for microstructural and mineralogical analysis of clays and cementitious materials. After completing my PhD in 2018, I have been working on a number of consultancy and knowledge exchange projects with cement industry and waste management companies in the UK. Currently, my research is focused on new physical and chemical processing methods for producing highly reactive pozzolanic materials from various types of low-grade clays.


    Currently working on two ERDF funded projects ARENA and ENE, and two consultancy projects with Tarmac Cement Ltd and Augean PLC.


    Manufacture and performance of lightweight aggregate from waste drill cuttings. 

    Ayati, B., Molineux, C., Newport, D. and Cheeseman, C.. 2019. Journal of Cleaner Production, 208, pp.252-260..

    Use of clay in the manufacture of lightweight aggregate.

    Ayati, B., Ferrándiz-Mas, V., Newport, D. and Cheeseman, C.. 2018. Construction and Building Materials, 162, pp.124-131..

    Bauxite residue (red mud) as a pulverised fuel ash substitute in the manufacture of lightweight aggregate. 

    Molineux, C. J., Newport, D. J., Ayati, B., Wang, C., Connop, S. P., & Green, J. E.. 2016. Journal of Cleaner Production, 112, Part 1, 401-408..



    • Cement Chemistry and microstructural characterization of cementitious materials.
    • Clay mineralogy and novel materials based on clay minerals.
    • Use of waste as alternative construction materials.



    PhD students:
    Ximena Alexandra CHAMORRO – Recycling options for APCr
    Mike Wood – Noise pollution