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School Executives 

Prof Hassan Abdalla - Dean of School   

Julia Layzell - Executive Assistant to PVC Dean

Dr David Tann - Associate Dean

Prof Mansour Moniri - Director of Research 

Carl Callaghan - Head of Architecture and Design 

Mike Kretsis - Head of Computer Science and Informatics  



Solomon Alexis - Director of Collaboration & Student Experience

Ray Ruocco - Director of Outreach and Enterprise

Diane Lubin - Deputy School Manager

Eliana Pilintsi - Departmental Officer

Architecture and Design

Programme Leaders and Staff

Mr Rashid Ali - Senior Lecturer in Interior Design
Mr Paul Lighterness - Senior Lecturer
Ms Anna Minton - Reader
Dr Harald Trapp - Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Mr Gilles Retsin - Senior Lecturer
Dr Bridget Snaith - Senior Lecturer
Mr Christian Groothuizen - Senior Lecturer
Mr Christoph Hadrys - Senior Lecturer
Mr Alan Chandler - Reader
Dr Anastasia Karandinou - Senior Lecturer
Dr Heba Elsharkawy - Senior Lecturer
Ms Stephanie Schultze-Westrum - Senior Lecturer
Ms Kristina Hertel - Senior Lecturer
Ms Vanessa Vanden Berghe - Senior Lecturer
Ms Dinah Borat - Senior Lecturer
Prof Anthony Fretton - Professor

Miss Hwei Fan Liang - Senior Lecturer
Miss Reem Charif - Senior Lecturer
Mr Alexander Scott-Whitby - Lecturer
Mr Mathew Brown - Lecturer
Mr Alfonso Senatore - Senior Lecturer
Mr Roland Karthaus - Senior Lecturer
Mr Douglas Spencer - Senior Lecturer
Mr Andrew Wright - Senior Lecturer
Mr George Irwin - Senior Lecturer
Mr Michele Roelofsma - Senior Lecturer
Mr Jamie Baxter - Senior Lecturer
Mrs Maria Segantini - Reader
Mrs Clara Kraft - Senior Lecturer
Ms Katherine Clarke - Reader
Dr Renee Tobe - Reader
Mr Lee Raphael - Senior Lecturer
Mr Isaac Cobo Displas - Senior Lecturer
Mr Mark Lemanski - Senior Lecturer

Computer Science and Informatics

Programme Leaders and Staff

Dr Ameer Al-Nemrat - Senior Lecturer
Dr Andrea Baravalle - Senior Lecturer
Dr Rabih Bashroush - Reader of Computer Science
Mr Paul Bombo - Lecturer
Dr Aaron Kans - Principal Lecturer
Mr Michael Kretsis - Senior Lecturer
Dr Sin  Wee Lee - Senior Lecturer
Mr Gaurav Malik - Senior Lecturer

Dr Usman Naeem - Senior Lecturer
Mr Arish Siddiqui - Lecturer
Dr Julie Wall - Senior Lecturer
Dr Aloysius Edoh - Senior Lecturer
Dr Paolo Falcarin - Reader
Dr Syed Islam - Lecturer
Dr Shareeful Islam - Senior Lecturer
Dr Amin Karami - Lecturer
Dr Rehman Shafiq - Senior Lecturer

Dr Helen L 'Yogi' Bear - Lecturer 


Programme Leaders and Staff

Dr Ali Abbas - Senior Lecturer
Dr Arya Assadi Langroudi - Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering
Dr Brian Whiting – Principal Lecturer
Dr Subramaniam Arunachalam - Senior Lecturer
Miss Sarah Catmur - Senior Lecturer
Dr Mihaela Anca Ciupala - Senior Lecturer
Dr Jawed Qureshi - Senior Lecturer
Dr Julius Akotia – Lecturer
Dr Darion Grant - Senior Lecturer
Dr Sohrab Donyavi - Lecturer
Dr Jaya Nepal - Lecturer
Dr John Walsh - Senior Lecturer

Dr Mantripathi Jayaratne - Senior Lecturer 
Dr Phebe Mann - Senior Lecturer
Mr Richard Latham - Principal Lecturer
Mr Bryan Pearce - Senior Lecturer 
Mr Ian Lemon - Senior Lecturer
Mr Michael Hurst - Senior Lecturer 
Mr Peter Lakin - Senior Lecturer
Dr Ka Lok Lee - Principal Lecturer

Dr Jaswinder Lota - Reader

Research Staff

Dr Maria Elena Gomez - Martinez - Research Assistant 
Mr Alessandro Cabutto - Research Assistant 
Mr Gaofeng Zhang - Research Assistant

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Academic Registry

Registry School Office Manager – Karren Boast
Registry School Administrator – Jane Hodgson
Registry School Administrator – Anne Stow
Registry School Administrator – Mark James

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Technical Staff

Mr Thomas Juffs - Principal Technician
Mr Ayub Adam - Senior Technician
Mr Neil Goodin - Senior Technician
Mr Trevor Rhoden - Senior Technician
Mr Christopher Dovonan - Senior Technician
Mr Joseph Kennedy - Senior Technician
Mrs Cheryl Wheeler - Senior Technician
Mr Behrooz Hajir - Technician Associate
Mr Stephen Ruff - Technician Associate
Mr Sey-Eng Teo - Technician Associate
Mr Mark Archer - Technical Associate