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Our dynamic research community is organised into Institutes, Centres and Groups. These provide a focus for our cutting-edge research. Many of our academics are world leaders in their fields. They have a well-deserved reputation for delivering innovative, high impact projects. These range from health, education and environmental sustainability to architecture, digital industries and social sciences. At UEL, we excel at attracting funding and developing partnerships. We work with organisations in the academic, public, private and voluntary sectors to combine expertise and achieve strong outcomes. 

SRI - Sustainability Research Institute

IHHD - Institute for Health and Human Development

The Sustainability Research Institute (SRI) is UEL’s centre of excellence for environmental research. We run a wide range of projects for sustainable living and development. 

Our main areas of interest are peatlands, waste materials and urban green infrastructure (UGI).

If you would like to find out more the work and research projects of SRI, please visit the SRI Homepage.

IHHD is a leading public health research centre. Our primary focus is the health of communities and their wellbeing. 

We have an international reputation for research and consultancy. We also work extensively with local and national partners to inform health policy and practices.

You can read more about IHHD, its research and projects on the IHHD home page.

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