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IHHD team

Angela has led the IHHD team as director since 2014 and is a Professor of Community and Family Health. She is currently leading work on new models of antenatal care, addressing low birth weight and community centred approaches to promoting health and well-being. Angela is also an internationally recognised expert on systematic reviews and evidence synthesis.
Tine is Professor of Global & Mental Health and Deputy Director of the IHHD. She has an interdisciplinary background in medical humanities, social sciences and health sciences. Her areas of work are in wider global health, society and sustainability, with specific expertise in public mental health improvement in a local and global context. Her work has been recognised locally, nationally and internationally and gained her mandates with the World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation and Advancing Health Alliance. Tine is also an accredited Professional Therapeutic Coach (integrating counselling, Mindfulness, CBT and coaching), passionate about good mental health and quality of life for all.
Gail leads on the Well Communities programme and development of evidenced based health improvement approaches linked to the IHHD research agenda. She is recognised nationally and internationally for her expertise is in the field of community development. She was Director of Camden and Islington Health Action Zone and worked for the Health Development Agency and then NICE as Regional Associate Director for London.
Gopal’s background is in natural and clinical sciences with research interests in epidemiology, public health, health services, social epidemiology and social policy. He is a co-investigator on the ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Health and Society. His research tends to assume a life course perspective with a focus on healthy ageing and use longitudinal data.
Marcello is a board member of The Social Prescribing Network and leads a large-scale evaluation of social prescribing in collaboration with City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group and Queen Mary University of London. He also leads research on homelessness and mental health pathways and alternative community currencies (e.g. Time Banks), all of which focus on developing asset-based approaches to health and wellbeing.
Darren is a Sociologist and Consultant in the public care sector and leads a NIHR North Thames CLHARC study modelling community-based diabetes services for children and young people. He is recognised nationally and internationally for his participatory research with children and young people and has undertaken work on behalf of UK Research Councils, Central Government Departments, and NGOs to support the involvement of patients and the public in service design, research and policy development.
Beth is a co-investigator on the REACH Pregnancy Programme and is leading a strand of the research programme which focuses on strengthening women’s involvement in planning and improving maternity services. Prior to joining IHHD, Bethan held a research post with the Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development and has also worked in this field internationally for non-governmental organisations in Ghana, Malawi, Eritrea and South Sudan.
Lorna is a research fellow on the ‘REACH Pregnancy Programme’, with a research interest into improving access to antenatal care for pregnant women living in areas with high levels of poverty and high ethnic diversity. She has worked at Barts Hospital and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, where she co-ordinated the qualitative research arm of the ‘HepFree’ study, aimed at high-risk immigrant communities.
Anita is a research fellow on the ‘REACH Pregnancy Programme’ with research interest in health inequalities. She leads on setting up a large randomised controlled trial to evaluate a new group-based antenatal care called ‘Pregnancy Circles’ which aim to provide a woman-friendly, community environment for antenatal care.
Caroline is a steering group member of the National Social Prescribing Network (NSPN) and her research interests include the evaluation of alternative treatment pathways for improving mental wellbeing and the promotion of mental health recovery. She has an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy and has worked as a counsellor in a primary school and with a South London based charity for women experiencing post-natal depression.
Ainul is a psychologist and global mental health expert with specific interests in improving mental health across the life course as well as strengthen mental health policies and systems.
Chiara is Chartered Psychologist and holds a PhD in Applied Social Sciences. Chiara has over ten years of experience of research in the field of Public Adult Mental Health. She has recently been working on the PROMISE project ( aimed at reducing the use of coercion in the acute mental health sector. She has been conducting research in different contexts of mental health and emotional wellbeing, using a wide range of qualitative and participatory approaches. Chiara has worked with service users, carers and professionals from a wide range of health services. At the heart of her interest lies the promotion of good mental health for all, and how the wider organisational culture and context can influence the delivery of safe, effective and compassionate care.
Ruby works on the delivery of the Well Communities Programme with a specific interest in the role of civic engagement in activating health and wellbeing in local residents. Ruby is also undertaking a PHD at IHHD.

Lauren is currently evaluating the feasibility and acceptability of two service innovations in primary care in Newham.


Administration team

Michelle has worked for the Institute for 10 years. She oversees the financial, HR and grant bidding processes and records for the Institute, maintaining procedures that dovetail with those of the wider University. Trained as an artist with an MA from the RCA, Michelle is a practicing performance artist, singer and Morris dancer with experience of teaching art at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is also a member of the Association of Research Managers and Administrators.
Austine is the Administrative Officer (Health & Safety Officer/Diary Manager) responsible for the day-to-day running of the institute administratively. A member of the University of East London, Environmental Sustainability Board, and an EMS Internal auditor. Skilled in facilitating sexual health training with a background in community engagement.