We ensure that our graduates are equipped to adapt, lead and take on any challenge in the rapidly evolving world of industry 5.0.

We have highlighted some of the outstanding opportunities our team have created specifically for our students to develop their professional Fitness and Mental Wealth skills. By engaging in real life situations and - through knowledge exchange - they are making a tangible impact to the organisation and communities that they are working alongside.

If you are interested in finding out how working with our students can benefit your community or organisation, please get in touch with the Career Zone Team at careerzone@uel.ac.uk.

1. Internships

The University of East London's Funded Internship Scheme funds and facilitates a range of internship opportunities both within UEL Schools and Services, and external organisations. The Scheme aims to provide opportunities which are part time and flexible to suit the needs of current students. Internships last 12 weeks at 14 hours per week, to be worked flexibly around students' studies.

2. Placements

The Post Graduate Placements Team supports international students on Tier 4 visas who are undertaking a master’s in Computing, Engineering and Business Administration. Each programme includes an embedded placement of two academic terms that lasts approximately eight months.

Our international students come with additional language skills and the capability of offering diverse perspectives in their strategic approach to challenges offering employers new possibilities. 

With three intakes per year in January, May and September employers have the possibility of engaging with students across the academic year and aren’t tied to traditional engagement cycles that typically commence in September.

For organisations wishing to find out more about how they too can benefit from hosting a placement student, please contact academicplacements@uel.ac.uk.


3. UEL Change Day

UEL Change Day is hosted in collaboration with We Make Change. The event is a fantastic opportunity for students to volunteer one day with an exciting and innovative social enterprise, completing or problem solving a specific task. 

A range of social enterprises join the event; from one enterprise supporting the transformation of refugees into entrepreneurs, to another creating an app that provided an educational platform showcasing Black British figures and their achievements. During the UEL Change Day, student volunteers are tasked with research, content writing, designing a blueprint for a new program and much more!


4. Volunteering

Student volunteering offers students volunteering opportunities that are both in person and virtual, providing them to have the opportunity to apply their classroom learning to practical setups, while simultaneously giving back to the community. 


Case Study Public and Community Engagement 

It unsurprising that the University of East London falls within the top 10% of its cluster regarding the public and community engagement perspective. UEL has a long-standing history of civic engagement through volunteering, community projects and partnerships.

UEL student Aidan Elmore (Sport, Physical Education and Development, 2023) has been using his sports and physical education knowledge to provide physical activity sessions within his local community. Through the fantastic local charity, Future Youth Zone, Aidan has worked with primary school children to teach them tennis and run mini athletics. His volunteering has supported the charity’s mission to provide a safe and fun place for young people to spend their free time whilst inspiring young people to live healthier lives. Through this opportunity, Aidan has contributed to his local community as well as gained the opportunity to put his learnings into practice and as he told us, 'Enhance my leadership skills and confidence'.

Here is what Raymond Lau Volunteer Recruitment & Staff Training Manager at Future Youth Zone had to say about Aidan's volunteering:

"Aidan has been volunteering with Future from the get-go before he even started at UEL. Not only has he been supporting our tennis and cricket sessions he also ran half marathon for us to raise money for Future. As such, I believe he was awarded Barking and Dagenham volunteer of the year award in 2020 - 2021.

Aidan is truly an amazing volunteer not only here at Future but also within the borough. He has been volunteering at Future since we first opened our doors supporting our sports offer mainly on our inclusion sessions. Although he was shy when he first joined us, he has come leaps and bounds since we first met him... Aidan is a truly inspiring in terms of what he does for the young people and the community."