There is widespread consensus that the world faces a climate emergency and that the risks to society from climate disruption are high.

In theory, organisations should rapidly decarbonise the parts of the energy system under their control. In practice, it is proving difficult for organisations to decarbonise in real markets at the speed and scale needed to avoid dangerous climate change.

South East New Energy is collaborating with a wide range of people and organisations to understand and remove the barriers they face in rapidly decarbonising their communities, buildings, transport, and lives. We work with businesses, councils, housing associations, and community groups, universities and other research bodies, households and individuals to better understand these barriers.

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This work will be delivered through Work Packages focusing on:

  • Decarbonising business facilities and fleets
  • Scaling-up domestic retrofit and investigating Net- Zero Carbon new build housing
  • Collaboration to examine business operations and develop products and services
  • Examining the use of data and analytics to accelerate decarbonisation

The pathway to Zero Carbon

We will co-design a pathway to Net Zero with at least ten organisations. We will then help them start to implement their Net Zero Action Plan. We will use this process to develop a rich picture of what it takes for an organisation to reach Net-Zero.


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