Prototype Demonstration Trials

  • Product trial implementation at scale at BR Ecology Centre and Urban Ecology living lab: aim is to determine feasibility of installation, logistics/ finances and ongoing maintenance needs
  • An opportunity to showcase products in a 'shop window' on a major development site

SRI Experts: Stuart Connop | Caroline Nash | Darryl Newport

Beneficiary learning outcomes:

  • Gain information and learning of the economics of installations at scale
  • Ongoing maintenance of innovations, along with exploitation opportunities

Performance Monitoring and Assessment

  • Seasonal surveys/monitoring to determine performance and ecosystem value of near-to-market or new-to-market green infrastructure innovations and nature-based solutions

SRI Experts: Stuart Connop | Caroline Nash | Jack Clough,
Richard Lindsay

Beneficiary learning outcomes:

  • Gain insights and understanding of the ecosystem value and performance of innovations over time and in-situ
  • Seasonal monitoring will inform how the products are functioning under different meteorological conditions.