As a centre of creativity, our university community will learn to do more and better, with less; as a responsible consumer our university community will follow the model of a circular economy and live harmoniously with our environment. 

We will care about each stage of a product life-cycle. Resources will not be used and disposed of without consideration for where these came from, how efficiently they were used by us, the damage they might cause if carelessly disposed of and what they could become after we have got our use out of them.

Instead, we will carefully consider where we get our resources and maximise their value by using these efficiently and keeping these in circulation for as long as possible. We will also support innovative solutions that will recover and regenerate the resources we no longer need into new materials.

Our Using our resources responsibly pledges

  1. We will minimise our air pollution from use of energy, vehicles and refrigerants.
  2. We will reduce our water consumption and minimise our water pollution.
  3. We will reduce our consumption of goods and services and the waste we produce.
  4. We will enhance biodiversity and green spaces on campus.
  5. We will embed sustainability into all our procurement processes.

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Reducing Supplementary Charges

We ensure that we are only paying for the electricity capacity we need by working with our supplier to review current Maximum Import Capacity levels.

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