This Foundation Year course is designed for those who want a degree in Accounting and Finance, Economics, Marketing, Business Management, FinTech or Human Resource Management but don’t have the standard entry requirements. The Foundation Year for is the same for these business degrees, so have the flexibility to transfer between them if you change your mind after the first year.

We’ll prepare you for your degree during the Foundation Year, bringing you up to speed with academic skills and providing a firm grounding in the subject. This will enable you to excel in higher education, and have a head start on the subject specific knowledge and skills in your degree programme. You can then go on to study the full undergraduate degree.

Your student experience, learning and employability will be enriched through tailored activities such as small tutorial groups, field trips and events with current students and alumni in your chosen field of study.

Why choose UEL?

  • This Foundation Year is the same for all business courses. 
  •  Our Foundation Year is flexible, you can transfer on to another eligible course if you change your mind at the end.
  • Gain the crucial knowledge and experiences needed to prepare you to succeed on one of our undergraduate degrees.
  • You will be guided and supported by an academic advisor from your degree course.

How it works


Choose one of our Business courses that include a Foundation Year

Complete your foundation year

After you’ve completed your foundation year you can move to any eligible degree.

Complete your chosen BA course

Complete your chosen BSc. (Hons) degree, leading to many employment opportunities. You could even continue study on one of our Postgraduate degrees.

Start your journey

Our Foundation Year courses are perfect for you, if you...

Our Foundation Year programmes are perfect for you if you... (please list a few bullet points why they need to take this course)


  • Returning to education after a long time, or you have not completed the relevant subject specific qualifications for direct entry into our degree programmes
  • Still evaluating which degree pathway is the right one for you
  • Interested to follow a professional career in Accounting and Finance, Economics, Marketing, Business Management, FinTech and Human Resource Management but you don’t have the relevant subjects for direct entry to the degree course
  • Ready to train for a new profession and would like an introduction to the subject area
  • An international student wanting an additional year to adapt to the UK academic system
  • Not sure if university life is the right path for you
  • Thinking of re-training and would like an introduction to the area
  • Been away from education for a long time, or have an incomplete education history


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