I don't play all sports but I know how to play all sports. My dad and his brothers got me into cricket. I'm Pakistani and I know a lot of Muslim Pakistani girls who do college, get married and then go on to raise families. But my family is very different in that they have pushed us to do sports. My main life has always been sports. I've been playing since the age of 4 and from a young age I was part of a cricket team.

I was doing karate lessons, swimming and football. When I got into Primary school, I loved PE and sports. It was my favourite thing. I was always the first person to sign up to clubs and my teachers could see how passionate I was and this meant I was often team captain.

Sports excites me. I see it as my opportunity to be the best and I also feel most myself. I find with sports I always pick it up really easily. Once secondary school finished, I then started thinking about what I wanted to do in life. 

I wanted to do something medical. So I did BTech level 3 medical science for two years and then I thought that I have a lot of sports experience and now a qualification in medical science so I applied to uni to study Sports and Exercise science.

I don't care what anyone else thinks about what I do. My family support me and that is all that matters. I am happy.

I want to become a sport nutritionist for a basketball team. I am already working for London Lions and have worked with them since February. I am a personal assistant for Vince, the owner of London Lions. I saw him one day and went up to him, asked him if he needed any help. Eventually I became his personal assistant.

I am working with the nutrition coach and once I finish my Master's, I know there is a dream job waiting for me. People need to find experience, and this is exactly what I have done. Now I have three years' experience of working with London Lions. I have thought ahead and hopefully get the job that I have been planning for.

Nosheen Hussain is a third-year student for Sports and Exercise Science at the University of East London.

Nosheen Hussain portrait photo in an underground parking lot in London