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College of Arts, Technology and Innovation

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About us

The college of Arts, Technology and Innovation (ATI) is home to the schools of Architecture, Computing and Engineering, and Arts and Digital Industries. Both schools are grounded in cutting-edge research, teaching excellence and have a broad range of industry connections. We are firmly rooted in east London with a national and global reach. We believe in shaping the lives of our community locally and globally - over the years, we have built a reputation for inspiring, innovating and impacting the world by offering transformational education built on outstanding applied research. To find out more about our vision and mission, download the ATI Strategic Plan 2018-2020.


The following schools sit within the college of Arts, Technology and Innovation.

Architecture, Computing and Engineering

The School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering (ACE) is an award-winning school with dedicated industrial links and key strengths in vocational education. We have a track record in producing highly employable graduates by applying design methodologies and advanced technologies to real-life scenarios in architecture, computing and engineering.

Arts and Digital Industries

The School of Arts and Digital Industries (ADI) is a vibrant and creative community of students, staff, researchers and alumni. The school’s breadth of arts, media, performance and humanities subject areas are grounded in world-class research, and creative excellence, and framed by extensive community and industry collaboration.


Pro Vice-Chancellor / Dean's Office

Prov Vice-Chancellor Dean: Hassan Abdalla

Prof Hassan Abdalla - Pro Vice-Chancellor/Dean of College of Arts, Technology & Innovation  

Julia Layzell - Executive Assistant to PVC Dean

School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering

Head of School: David Tann

Dr David Tann - Head of School  

Louise Todd - School Manager 

Diane Lubin - Deputy School Manager

Visual Arts

Programme Leader for BA Graphic Design – Mr Dan Duran
Programme Leader for BA Fine Art – Mr Alexis Harding
Programme Leader for BA Photography – Ms Minna Kantonen
Programme Leader for BA Illustration – Dr Jane Stokes
Programme Leader for Interior Design - Mr Keith Winter
Programme Leader for MA Fine Art - Professor Grenville Davey
Programme Leader for Prof Doc Fine Art - Dr Karen Raney

Mr Marc Coker - Senior Lecturer
Ms Amanda Danicic - Senior Lecturer
Ms Katharine Davey - Senior Lecturer
Mr Michael Georgeson - Senior Lecturer
Mr Paul Tecklenberg - Senior Lecturer
Dr Teresa Witz - Senior Lecturer
Mr Tim Allen - Senior Lecturer
Ms Pauline De Souza - Senior Lecturer
Ms Amanda Francis - Senior Lecturer
Mr Russell Hedges - Senior Lecturer
Ms Lee Maelzer - Senior Lecturer
Dr Michael Pinsky - Reader
Ms Si Sapsford - Senior Lecturer
Ms Susan Stockwell - Senior Lecturer
Mr Stephen Barrett - Senior Lecturer
Mr Jonathan Clark - Senior Lecturer
Dr John Cockram - Senior Lecturer
Mr Edward Gill - Senior Lecturer
Dr Lesley Logue - Senior Lecturer
Ms Valerie Pezeron - Senior Lecturer
Ms Carmen Martinez-Aleman - Senior Lecturer
Dr Antigoni Memou - Senior Lecturer
Mr Robert Pyecroft-Rainbow - Senior Lecturer
Dr Debra S Shaw - Reader
Dr Eric Great-Rex - Senior Lecturer
Ms Bryony Quinn - Lecturer
Mr Andrew Osman - Senior Lecturer

Architecture and Built Environment 

Programme Leader for Foundation BSc Architecture - Mr Keita Tajima
Programme Leader for Architectural design technology - Dr Heba Elsharkawy
Programme Leader for MA Interior Design - Dr Anastasia Karandinou
Programme Leader for Product Design - Mr Andrew Wright
Programme Leader for Architecture 4 - Ms Kristina Hertel
Programme Leader for Architecture 5 & 6 - Mr Christian Groothuizen
Programme Leader for March Architecture - Dr Harald Trapp
Programme Leader for PG Architecture and Urbanism - Mr Fulvio Wirz
Programme Leader for PG Landscape - Ms Bridget Snaith
Programme Leader for Photography - Ms Anna Minton

Ms Catherine Phillips - Senior Lecturer
Mr Tak Hoshino - Senior Lecturer
Mr Alfonso Senatore - Senior Lecturer
Mr Bruce Irwin - Senior Lecturer
Mr Mathew Brown - Lecturer
Mr Toshiya Kogawa - Senior Lecturer
Miss Reem Charif - Senior Lecturer
Mr Michele Roelofsma - Senior Lecturer
Dr Renee Tobe - Reader
Ms Vanessa Vanden Berghe - Senior Lecturer
Miss Hwei Fan Liang - Senior Lecturer
Mr Carsten Jungfer - Senior Lecturer
Mr Isaac Cobo Displas - Senior Lecturer
Dr Claude St Arroman - Senior Lecturer
Dr Aurore Julien - Senior Lecturer
Mr Alexander Scott-Whitby - Lecturer
Mr Christoph Hadrys - Senior Lecturer
Prof Anthony Fretton - Professor
Mr Carlo Cappai - Senior Lecturer
Mrs Maria Segantini - Reader
Mr Isaie Bloch - Senior Lecturer
Mr Mark Lemanski - Senior Lecturer
Mr Alan Chandler - Reader
Ms Katherine Clarke - Reader
Mr Roland Karthaus - Senior Lecturer
Mr John Robertson - Technician
Ms Stephanie Schultze-Westrum - Senior Lecturer
Mr Camillo Botticini - Programme leader Interior Design
Mr Jamie Baxter - Senior Lecturer
Ms Imogen Ward - Senior Lecturer

Head Of Department - Prof. Fawad Inam

Computer Science and Informatics

Dr Ameer Al-Nemrat - Senior Lecturer
Dr Andres Baravalle - Senior Lecturer
Dr Rabih Bashroush - Reader of Computer Science
Mr Paul Bombo - Lecturer
Dr Aaron Kans - Principal Lecturer
Mr Michael Kretsis - Senior Lecturer
Dr Sin  Wee Lee - Senior Lecturer
Mr Gaurav Malik - Senior Lecturer
Dr Allan J Brimicombe - Professor
Dr John Noll - Senior Lecturer
Dr Joseph Doyle - Senior Lecturer
Dr Saeed Sharif - Senior Lecturer
Dr Yang Li - Senior Lecturer
Dr Usman Naeem - Senior Lecturer
Mr Arish Siddiqui - Lecturer
Dr Julie Wall - Senior Lecturer
Dr Aloysius Edoh - Senior Lecturer
Dr Paolo Falcarin - Reader
Dr Syed Islam - Lecturer
Dr Shareeful Islam - Senior Lecturer
Dr Amin Karami - Senior Lecturer
Dr Fahimeh Jafari - Lecturer
Mr Marco Siracusa - Technician
Mr Solomon Adrian Alexis - Director of Collaborations
Mr Sanjay Bhattacherjee - Lecturer in Computer Science and Informatics


Dr Ali Abbas - Senior Lecturer
Dr Arya Assadi Langroudi - Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering
Dr Brian Whiting - Principal Lecturer
Dr Subramaniam Arunachalam - Senior Lecturer
Miss Sarah Catmur - Senior Lecturer
Dr Mihaela Anca Ciupala - Senior Lecturer
Dr Jawed Qureshi - Senior Lecturer
Dr Julius Akotia - Lecturer
Dr Darion Grant - Senior Lecturer
Dr Sohrab Donyavi - Lecturer
Dr Jaya Nepal - Lecturer
Dr John Walsh - Senior Lecturer
Dr Alex Apeagyei - Senior Lecturer
Mr Hamid Hakimazari - Senior Lecturer
Mr Kenneth Yeo - Senior Lecturer
Dr Maryam Parhizkar - Lecturer
Mr Nic Snailum - Senior Lecturer
Dr Ravindra Jayaratne - Senior Lecturer 
Dr Phebe Mann - Senior Lecturer
Mr Richard Latham - Principal Lecturer
Mr Bryan Pearce - Senior Lecturer 
Mr Ian Lemon - Senior Lecturer
Mr Michael Hurst - Senior Lecturer 
Mr Peter Lakin - Senior Lecturer
Dr Ka Lok Lee - Principal Lecturer
Dr Jaswinder Lota - Reader
Mr Chris Donovan - Senior Technician
Mr Neil Goodin - Technician
Mr Ray Ruocco - Senior Lecturer
Mr Saeed Javid - Senior Technician

School of Arts and Digital Industries              

Head of School: Simon Robertshaw

School Office

Head of School – Simon Robertshaw

Head of Department for Media, Fashion and Communication - Suzanne Dixon
Head of Department for Music, Writing and Performance -
Simon Robertshaw

School Manager – Esme Godden
Deputy School Manager – Buky Osifeso
Departmental Officer – Eunice Arkhurst

Head of Department : Suzanne Dixon 

Media, Communication & Screen

Programme Leader for BSc Computer Game Development – David Dorrington
Programme Leader for BA Computer Games Design: Story Development – Stacey Pogoda
Programme Leaders for BA Film – Lindsay Hallam
Programme Leader for BA Media & Communication – Kathy Walker
Programme Leader for MA Filmmaking – David Chapman
Programme Leader for Foundation HCI & MS - Anna Robinson
Programme Leader for BA Animation - William Bishop Stephens
Programme Leader for BA Advertising - Julia Dane
Programme Leaders for BA Sports Journalism – Dekanrao Apajee / Adam Powley
Programme Leader for BSc Digital Media Design - Anthony Sampson
Programme Leader for BA Journalism – Andrew Calcutt
Programme Leader for MA Media and Communication Industries - Jonathan Hardy

Professor - Valentina Vitali
Principal Lecturer - Ashwani Sharma
Principal Lecturer - Paul Gormley
Senior Lecturer - Richard Leinfellner
Senior Lecturer - Pooja Pottenkulam
Senior Lecturer - Sylvia Prasad
Senior Lecturer - Jill Daniels
Senior Lecturer - Andrew Branch
Senior Lecturer - Mark Coker
Senior Lecturer - Simon Miles
Senior Lecturer - Allan Taylor
Senior Lecturer - Johannes Maier
Senior Lecturer - Eleni Kasapi
Lecturer - Alexander Thomas
Lecturer - Kayode Shonibare-Lewis
Lecturer - Jonathan Shoop
Lecturer - Kevin Mason
Lecturer - Richard Hamer
Lecturer - Mark Beachill
Lecturer - David Lashbrook

Fashion & Textiles (FT)

Programme Leader for BA Fashion Textiles – Lesley Robertson
Programme Leader for BA Fashion Marketing – Melanie Plank
Programme Leader for MA International Fashion Business - Kent Le

Senior Lecturer - Helen Carter
Senior Lecturer - Emma Carey
Senior Lecturer - Simone Deegan
Senior Lecturer - Joe Hunter
Senior Lecturer - Katharine Davey
Senior Lecturer - Kim Smith
Senior Lecturer - Sian-Kate Mooney
Lecturer - Francesca Skelhorn
Senior Lecturer - Beatrice Newman
Lecturer - Namal Lanka

Head of Department: Simon Robertshaw


Programme Leader for BA Music Technology & Performance – Michael Bunce
Programme Leader for BA Music Performance & Production – Steve Betts
Professor - Tim Lawrence
Senior Lecturer - Yumi Cawkwell
Senior Lecturer - Helen Reddington
Senior Lecturer - Guy Harries
Senior Lecturer - Gordon Kerr
Lecturer - Sonke Prigg
Lecturer - Anthony Nwachukwu

Writing, History and English

Senior Lecturer – Helena Blakemore
Senior Lecturer - Ravinder Basra

Professor - Jeremy Gilbert
Professor - Katherine Hodgkin

Senior Lecturer - Roberta Garrett
Lecturer - Terrence Baily


Programme Leader for MA Acting / MA Theatre Directing Dominic Hingorani
Programme Leader for BA Dance: Urban Practice – Carla Trim-Vamben
Programme Leaders for MA Contemporary Performing Practice – Claudia Brazzale / Jorge Ramos
Programme Leader for BA Performing Arts - Tristan Parkes / Paul Woodward
Co-Programme Leader for BA Drama, Applied Theatre and Performance  - Lisselle Terret
Co-Programme Leader for BA Drama, Applied Theatre and Performance  - 
Clare Qualmann

Senior Lecturer - Jo Read
Senior Lecturer - Sarahleigh Castelyn
Senior Lecturer - Robert Nicholson
Lecturer - Lynne McCarthy
Lecturer - Laura Robinson
Lecturer - Freddie Opoku-Addaie
Lecturer - Janet Weber
Lecturer - Caroline Mueller

Technical Support Officer - Robert Reed
Technical Associate - Salma Vohra
Technical Associate - Jonathon Bell
Technical Associate - Zoe.V Hodgson
Technical Assistant - Angelie Ferguson
Technical Assistant - Josephine Callaghan
Technical Assistant - Teresa Duran
Technical Assistant – Steve Rolle
Technical Assistant – Jo Primiano
Technician – Karina Townsend
Technician – Nuraan Peterson
Technician – Jasmine Carcangiu
Stores Assistant – Aklima Ali


Architecture, Computing and Engineering

Architecture, Computing and Engineering has developed and encouraged a strong culture of research collaboration between our architecture, computing, engineering and geo-information centres, with other UEL Schools and international partners. Sharing research leads to excellent results and greater success.

For more information on our research interests and groups, and research degrees, visit the Research page.

Arts and Digital Industries

Arts and Digital Industries is a school with world-leading research in communications, visual arts and performance. It has a well-established reputation for cultural and communications theory, arts practice-based research, and more recently for applied performance research. Its research has impacted theatre, gallery spaces, as well as government policy and civic and social issues.

For more information on our research interests and groups, and research degrees, visit the Research page.


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