Wilma Garvin

Wilma Garvin

Senior Lecturer

Department of Business , Royal Docks School of Business and Law

Having studied languages and business, Wilma has worked internationally in India, the Netherlands, France and Spain. She has undertaken consultancy and training projects with the oil and gas industry in Russia.  Other projects have been carried out in Egypt, Romania, Czech and Slovak Republics.  In addition, she has lectured at Business Schools in Russia, Germany and Romania.

Wilma has carried out research into OD and gender issues.

Areas Of Interest


I am interested in organisation development and gender issues. Current research is on how women network and how this can have an impact on their careers.

On This Page


At the Royal Docks School of Business and Law, I focus on international management since I spent a long time working internationally. I have been to most countries of the world for business purposes. I have a real interest in how different cultures operate and about the coming together of different cultures in a business context. For a long time, I have had a deep interest in languages.

As already mentioned, I have done consultancy work in different countries, such as Russia, Japan, Egypt, the Czech Republic. For eight years, I worked with the Russian Ministry of Fuel and Gas where I often worked on management development projects. For ten years, I taught knowledge management to MBA students and I'm pleased to say that I am developing a new master's module on knowledge management.

I am currently focusing on research into gender and as a result have presented at conferences such as Gender, Work and Organizations, The British Psychological Society.


  • Employee wellbeing in the time of change
  • Gender
  • OD


At UEL, I focus on international management and I often organise guest speakers on particular topics as well as organising guest speakers from other countries who can give students an insight into how things operate in other countries.

I teach at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and I also supervise students when they are doing undergraduate projects and postgraduate dissertations.

I am currently the Programme Leader for the undergraduate degree in HRM.

Subject areas

  • International Business
  • Knowledge Management
  • HRIS