iwd - Dr. Tracie Trimmer-Platman

Ms Tracie Trimmer-Platman

Senior Lecturer

Department of Early Childhood & Education , School of Education of Communities

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  • Clubs for Young People. (2009) Somewhere to Belong. A Blueprint for 21st Century Youth Clubs.
  • Centre for Social Justice. (2009) Dying to Belong- an in-depth review of street gangs in Britain.


  • Ed. F. Factor, V. Chapman and J. Pitts. (2006) The RHP Companion to Working with Young People. ISBN: 978-1-898924-52-4


  • Youth Crime and Gangs - definitions and interventions
  • Communication, Counselling and Mentoring Skills in Youth and Community Work
  • Anti-discriminatory Practice
  • Fieldwork Interventions
  • Managing and Leading in Youth and Community Work


Youth and Community Work BA Hons and MA programmes


Ask the Expert Column in Youth Work Now Magazine; a monthly segment of the professional journal; Children and Young People Now.
Currently undertaking doctorate research into youth work, investment and the impact on youth crime.