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Ruby Farr

Research Assistant

, School of Education and Communities

Ruby works on the Well London Programme as part of the community engagement and evaluation teams, and the volunteer coordinator at IHHD.

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Expertise/research interests:

  • Mechanisms for Asset Based Working, Community Engagement and Co-production
  • Crime and Health
  • Using Participatory Budgeting to Co-commission Services
  • Techniques for Measuring Behavioral Change
  • Data Management
  • Qualitative Data Collation and Analysis
  • First Aid Trained (3 years)

Recently completed and current projects:

  • Well London Phase 2 Evaluation and Community Engagement
  • UEL Time-bank Project
  • Homeless Shelter Social Return on Investment
  • Mitigating the Impact of "Churn" on Health Outcomes and Primary Care in Newham
  • An Evaluation of Newham Community Prescribing (GP Referrals)


Ruby organises and conducts regular training sessions for external and internal IHHD volunteers for various IHHD research projects.