Matthew Almond

Dr Matthew Almond

Director of Education and Experience


School of Health, Sports & Biosciences , School of Health, Sport and Bioscience

Matthew Almond is the subject area Head of Health in the School of Health, Sport and Bioscience at UEL.

Areas Of Interest

  • Health
  • Gender, Sexuality and Health
  • Health Promotion; theory and practice
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I am privileged to work with a fantastic team that is the Health Department at UEL. We have some great programmes and are fully committed in our approach to students, staff and the community.


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  • Rao, M. Bertotti, M. Dan-Ogosi, I. Almond, M. (2014). Workplace Well-being in the Chinese Business Community in London: Experiences and Views. PHE. London.
  • Biddle, S. Chen, Y. Almond, M. (2013) Correlates of Sedentary Behaviour in Older Adults Using a Survey Conducted in the Workplace


BSc (Hons) Public Health

A public health degree will give you with skills and knowledge to improve and protect public health and the well-being of individuals, communities and populations.

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Current teaching responsibilities (as module leader):

  • HS4101 Understanding Health
  • HS6101 Research Project
  • HS6106 Gender, Sexuality and Health
  • HS7103 Health Promotion; theory and practice