Manish Unhale

Dr Manish Unhale

Senior Lecturer in Project Management and Operations

Department of Business , Royal Docks School of Business and Law

Manish is an academic with rich theoretical and administrative experience at national and international levels. He has assumed various leadership roles and responsibilities, in a culturally diverse environment. He has extensive teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including mature students on e-learning programme. He has been in academia for 20 years specialising in Operations & SCM and Project Management. He has been a project leader to obtain APM accreditation for the MSc IBM programme. He had been a programme leader for MSc Project Management.

Areas Of Interest

Research Interests:
My primary research interests are in supply chain collaborative practices, waste management in SCM & Project Management and green manufacturing practices in SME context.

Teaching Interests:
My teaching interests are in operations and supply chain management, project management, statistics and value chain management.

Outside of academia, I am interested in travelling, gardening, cooking and yoga.

On This Page


I lead research in the areas of supply chain networks and collaborative practices in SMEs. This includes work with novel datasets of Indian, Chinese and UK economy, projects with local industry as well as other cross-country and cross-region comparative studies. My fieldwork experience covers manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical sectors. I am also looking to lead inter-disciplinary projects with finance, HR and other areas for research issues such as SC costing, sustainability auditing, risk aspects in SC and human dimensions in service chains. I have supervised various projects for MBA, MSc, BSc and BA programmes.

External roles

Reviewed papers for AoM, EURAM and BAM conferences.


The recent and future work is planned covering research issues of: role and responsibilities of female entrepreneurs in SMEs and collaborations; risk and sustainability issues in collaboration and SMEs; and greener issues in project environment with more emphasis on construction projects.

Working paper:

Social media for improving students' experience: a study of East London's students.

Most recent research

The core research focus is on collaborations in low volume context, with a particular emphasis on supply chains in small and medium-sized enterprises. The work examined research issues of: vertical and horizontal networks, essential requirements of collaborative relationships, effectiveness of different collaborative strategies, major problems and benefits associated with collaborations. 


  • Green Supply Chain Management: A Literature Metareview. Conference Paper for British Academy of Management (BAM), Virtual Conference in The Cloud 2020, 2-4 Sept 2020
  • From challenges to opportunities: The case of UEL's journey from face to-face teaching to dual-delivery teaching, Conference Paper for UEL-Research is Open, July 31, 2020.
  • Unpacking SME Owners' Practice of Collaboration in Local Supply Chains in India, Conference Paper for British Academy of Management (BAM), Aston university, U.K., Manchester, 3-5 Sept 2019.
  • Informal Collaboration As Way To Increase Strategic Agility: The Case of Indian SMEs. Conference Paper for Aston India Centre for Applied Research, Aston Business School, U.K., Manchester, 30-31 Aug 2019
  • Unpacking SME owners' practice of collaboration in local supply chains in India. Conference Paper for European Academy of Management (EURAM) 19, Lisbon, Portugal, 26-28 June 2019
  • From culture to opportunity: The entrepreneurship case of Indian nursing homes. Conference Paper for UEL Research & Knowledge Exchange Conference, University of East London, London, 6 July 2017.
  • India and UK-based SMEs attitude towards benefits and requirements of supply chain collaboration. Conference Paper for 18th International Conference on Organization and Management (ICOM), Abu Dhabi, UAE. 21–22 September 2016.
  • An explorative study on Indian small and medium enterprises: The patterns of horizontal collaboration and implications for a varieties of entrepreneurship. Conference Paper for 'Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting', Vancouver BC, Canada. 7-11 August 2015.
  • An explorative study on Indian small and medium enterprises' patterns of horizontal collaboration: Implications in the realm of systemic entrepreneurship. Conference Paper for 'Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE), The Future of Enterprise: The Innovation Revolution', Manchester, U.K. 4-6 November. 2014
  • A Study on Knowledge Sharing through Inter-Organisational Relationships in SMEs. Conference Paper for 'International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD): Knowledge and Management Models for Sustainable Growth', Matera, Italy, 11-13 June. 2014


Current Teaching Modules:

  • SG7004 Global Projects in Practice
  • MK7041 Managing Sustainable Global Value Chains
  • SG5010 Project Management
  • SG5010 Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • SG7008 Fundamentals of Project Management
  • SG7009 Applied Project Management
  • MK748 Project & Programme Management
  • Dissertation Supervision for undergraduate & postgraduate students

Previous Teaching Modules:

  • SG5007 Project Management
  • SG5009 Project Management and Organisation Success
  • SG5005 Managing Sustainable Operations
  • SG5001 Managing Sustainable Operations and Projects
  • SG4001 Business and Financial Environment
  • HR7227 Global Management of People and Projects
  • FNM116 International Business Analysis & Research
  • SGM232 International HRM and Project Management
  • FNM216 Strategic Management of Enterprise Risk
  • FM214 Managing Operational Risk
  • SGM213 Managing Successful Projects.