Jane Perry - Dean of Health, Sport and Bioscience

Dr Jane Perry

Dean of School & Professor of Healthcare Leadership

Healthcare Leadership, New models of healthcare, Digital technology to enhance the student journey, Healthcare improvement/systems leadership and Non- Medical Prescribing.

, School of Health, Sport and Bioscience

Jane is the Dean of Health, Sport and Bioscience, responsible for the academic portfolio of a number of departments and clusters in nursing, allied health, public health, Biomedical science, drug and chemical sciences, clinical health sciences and Sport. Jane is also the England Convener for the Council of Deans for Health.


  • Doctorate in Business Administration
  • MA Education including PGCERT learning and teaching in Higher Education
  • BSc Specialist Practice

Areas Of Interest

  • Digital technology, high- fidelity simulation/ AR/VR and virtual placements for healthcare practice.
  • Inter-professional learning and teaching.
  • New models of Healthcare Delivery to support workforce needs.
  • Embedding new roles in practice.
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Jane moved to the University of East London in 2018 and leads an applied school of Health, Sport and Bioscience with departments and clusters in Nursing, Allied Health, Public Health, Bioscience, Clinical Health Sciences, Drug and Chemical Sciences, Sport and CPD. The school has a strong focus in supporting a local workforce in East London and nationally through contemporary courses that equip students with the skills required to enter a modern-day workforce. This includes the development of new courses and apprenticeships with local employers alongside new advances in technology enhanced learning and teaching. Jane has a passion for inter-professional learning and teaching, partnership working and the co-creation of curricular with NHS Trusts, primary and social care and industry partners, including service users and carers.

Jane is a firm advocate for the future of new technological advances in health that enhance the student experience and are transferable to the workplace. This includes the use of high- fidelity simulation, AR and VR technology, and virtual placements that support students to see a range of scenarios that they might not come across whilst also practicing these skills in a safe environment.

Jane is also the England Convenor for the Council of Deans for Health and a member of the London Higher Education Group, working with the Council and Deans across London and Nationally to support, share good practice and help influence the future direction of health and social care.

Jane has been a nurse for over 30 years, with a clinical background in general practice and advanced practice. She worked with the National Prescribing Centre (now part of NICE) for several years to support evidence-based prescribing for new prescribers in the workplace. She has led a significant number of new developments and projects in healthcare that include: The MSc Physician Associate Course, Advanced Clinical Practice, clinically enhanced Pharmacist Independent Prescribing, return to practice, Nursing Associate and bespoke CPD. She has held a number of senior roles across all aspects of health, social care and psychology. At the University of East London, she has led the health sciences profile for the school including newer developments for growth in nursing and allied health, science and sport to include apprenticeships.

One of the most exciting developments in the school is the new Hospital and Primary care training hub, designed with new cutting-edge technology to support a full holistic patient journey using multi-purpose rooms that can be used for students across the school to work inter-professionally.


Most recent research

Doctorate in Business Administration ‘The role of the Physician Associate as a catalyst for change and innovation in healthcare practice.’

Previous research

  • Iswasko, J; Mitchel, T and Perry, J (2017)Transitions in Healthcare - An unpublished report for Health Education England
  • Bennett, C; Farquarhson, N; Perry, J; Preece, Eand Bradlet; E (2015) Skills enhancement in rural communities (SERC). A Realist evaluation of phase one and two. Unpublished report for Health Education England
  • Completing a Professional Doctorate in Business Administration- Using Ethnography to observe the developing role of the Physician Associate

Research Groups

  • England Convener for the Council of Deans for Health.
  • Member of the Council of Deans for Health
  • Member of the London Higher Education Group
  • Florence Nightingale Trust
  • Alumni from INSEAD ‘Innovating Health for tomorrow.’


  • Iswasko J; Mitchel, T and Perry, J (2017) Transitions in Healthcare. Unpublished report for Health Education England.
  • Lewis, D and Perry, J (2016) The Roundhouse revisited. GP online
  • Lewis, D; Naidoo, C; Perry, J and Watkins, J. The Roundhouse: an alternative model for healthcare: British Journal of General Practice. E362-E363.
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  • Quallington, J and Perry, J (2013) Patient Centred Research: a new approach to care. Practice nursing. 24 (12). 1-4.
  • Bennett, C; and Perry, J (2011). BBV training as part of wider prison nurse training at the University of Worcester. Tackling Blood-Bourne Viruses in Prisons. NAT. London.


  • New models of healthcare delivery
  • Healthcare improvement/systems leadership
  • Non Medical Prescribing


Jane works across the North East London Partnership with colleagues trusts from BHRUT, NELFT, Barts Health, ELFT, Homerton, primary and social care. She also engages with colleagues in the NHS, private and voluntary sectors across London.