Dr Diliara Mingazova

Diliara Mingazova

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Department of Business , Royal Docks School of Business and Law

Areas Of Interest

My primary academic interests are in children as consumers, consumer culture theory, branding and strategic brand management. Currently, I am working on a paper called "Superhero/cartoon brands and fantasy worlds: an investigation into children’s brand relationships". I have recently finished my PhD and I am very keen to continue to investigate the areas of my interests and produce an interesting research.
 Outside of academia, I have a keen interest in travel, reading, psychology studies and fitness.

On This Page


Diliara is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the Royal Docks School of Business and Law. She leads modules such as Foundations of Marketing, Social Media Marketing and The Global Business Enterprise. Her current research interests are in the areas of children as consumers, consumer research, branding and consumer brand relationships. She teaches on a wide range of marketing modules spanning Levels 3 - 7. Diliara brings innovative approaches to the study of marketing in the classroom with a strong emphasis on the practice of marketing which her students find engaging and valuable when they graduate and seek employment in the Marketing area.


Diliara's main research areas are consumer culture theory (CCT), consumer brand relationships, marketing to children, strategic brand management, sociocultural brand management, social media marketing and branding.

Her PhD explored the sophisticated role that brands play in children's lives, where children are seen through the principles of New Sociology. This innovative qualitative research provides a rich contributions to the sphere of Children's Consumer Culture studies.

Diliara has presented her research at conferences such as:

  • July 2019: Academy of Marketing Conference: Superhero/cartoon brands and fantasy worlds: an investigation into children’s brand relationships
  • March 2015:  Brand Camp III -  Children and their Brands – consumer culture approach.  Awarded "Best PhD Paper". University of Innsbruck (paper available - publication in development);
  • June 2014: UEL PG Research Conference: Do Children use brands to support their identity projects?;
  • June 2014: UEL Graduate School Conference: Do Children use brands to support their identity projects?;
  • April 2014: Child and Teen Consumption (being, becoming and belonging):  Do children have relationships with brands? University of Edinburgh Business School.


  • Mingazova & Gbadamosi (2018) Pricing, income and brand symbolism: exploring young consumers understanding of value in Young Consumer Behaviour: A Research Companion. Routledge
  • Mingazova D., (2019) Superhero/cartoon brands and fantasy worlds: an investigation into children's brand relationships;
  • Unhale M. and Mingazova D., (2019) Social media for improving students' experience: a study of East London's students.


Diliara's core teaching areas are wide-ranging and include: Foundations of Marketing (L4), Social Media Marketing (L5) Marketing Communication (L5), Strategic Brand Management (L6), Customer Behaviour (L5), Customer Service Management (L5), The Business and Financial Environment (L4), Business Simulation with Professional Development (L7), etc.