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Claire Marshall

Senior Lecturer

Psychology and Social Change Research Group

Department of Professional Psychology , School of Psychology

Dr Claire Marshall is a Lecturer in Counselling Psychology with a particular interest in ethics, social justice, and forced migration. 

Areas Of Interest

  • Forced migration: refugees, IDPs and humanitarian operations in conflict and post- conflict settings
  • Responses to forced migration from state and non-state actors, with a particular focus on trauma policy and interventions
  • Forced migration in geopolitical discourses, social narratives and humanitarian responses, with a focus on the psychology of migration
  • Conceptualisations of forced migrants, with a particular focus on Othering
  • Deconstructing western paradigms: a resilience-based approach to conceptualising trauma
  • Social factors contributing to wellbeing. Exploring the necessary elements in how psychologists might work alongside others to facilitate the re-imagination of communities and societies. Inequality and the effect this has on wellbeing. Collaborative systems
  • Culture in clinical practice
  • Ethics and social justice
  • Working with 'diversity and difference'
  • The construction of racial identities
  • Social epistemology: relating to ideas around health and well being
  • Language and ontology
  • Hermeneutic interpretive phenomenology
  • Politics in therapy
  • Postmodern perspectives on intimacy and relationships
  • Selective mutism in adolescents
  • Depathologizing conceptualisations and interventions relating to adolescent mental health relating to looked after children in therapeutic residential services
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Dr Claire Marshall is a Chartered Psychologist with ten years of experience in private health care, public and third sectors with an extensive background in management, teaching, psychological work and research. An experienced and entrepreneurial manager, Claire has a track record of successfully designing and implementing innovative interventions to address critical mental health issues for organisations and individuals.

Her previous post as Centre & Clinical Manager at a therapeutic service in North London, she held key responsibility for overall service and operations; including recruitment, supervision, management of staff, clinical assessments, allocation decisions and evaluating treatment options within the service. She also ran groups and worked with people one to one, providing short and long term psychological interventions for adults with a range of issues.

Claire has also worked as a psychologist in a number of therapeutic homes in East London for looked after children in care, where she applied a broad theoretical knowledge base and specialist clinical skills to develop and support the staff as appropriate, including training, clinical supervision and consultation within multidisciplinary team meetings. She also worked closely with social services, GPs, psychiatrists and CAMHS to support the young people and their families.

In the past she has managed services supporting men and women experiencing domestic abuse and worked within a substance misuse facility, supporting recovery through psychological intervention. Claire has also worked as an academic consultant at a North London psychotherapy training institution, a forensic rehabilitation unit, in private practice and as an associate psychologist within a therapeutic team offering private therapy in central London.

She has a strong commitment to social justice issues, with a particular focus on forced migrants. Her work has contributed to projects running in collaboration with international bodies such as the United Nations and the European Commission, working with migrants and returnees. She has also worked with an NGO providing remote supervision to psychosocial workers stationed abroad in refugee camps, overcoming language and cultural barriers and sensitively adapting the application of psychological concepts

Claire has presented internationally at press conferences and seminars on phenomenology, migration and psychology. Her research has contributed to United Nations projects working with asylum seekers and European Commission projects working with migrants and returnees.

Claire completed her academic training in the UK, including an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Creative Writing, a Masters in Research in Professional and Creative Writing, a certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy and a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology.

Claire lectures at the University of East London on the Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, as well as managing placements for the programme. Her special interests lay in social justice and civic engagement, forced migration, humanitarian interventions in post-conflict zones, post-modern conceptualisations of self, existentialism, phenomenology, ontology and epistemology and cultural conceptualisations of the human condition. She is passionate about the learning experience and engaging with innovative ways to promote competent and inspired practitioners in the field of Counselling Psychology.


  • Existential Analysis


  • English (fluent)
  • Catalan (fluent)
  • Spanish (proficient)


Claire's research interests are in critical psychology and social constructionist approaches in therapeutic work. She is a member of UEL's Psychology and Social Change Research Group.

  • Experiences of Displacement, Uganda. Oct 2010

Research investigating the lived experience of displacement, psychosocial interventions and perceptions of support using hermeneutic phenomenology. Interviews conducted in a remote disbanded refugee camp in Northern Uganda, Africa.

  • Colleagues Across Borders. 2013 – 2015

Consultancy work for UNHCR Mental Health Program working with Colleagues Across Borders and Mother Tongue to provide culturally sensitive psychosocial support. Provided clinical guidance to psychosocial workers on assignment abroad, including with UNHCR Mental Health Program in Salloum Refugee Camp, Egypt.

  • Society of Existential Analysis (2011 to 2016)

Committee member: Publicist.

Conference Organiser (2011): “The Permeation of Technology in Everyday Life”.125 delegates, 17 speakers, 2 days with a budget of £8,500

  • Grundtvig Project: Guidance and Counselling Project for Migrants and Returnees. Jun 2010 – Aug 2011

Collaborated on the Grundtvig Project for the European Commission (Lifelong Learning Program). The project aimed at investigating guidance and counselling for migrants and returnees. Coordinated events, stood as group leader and presented at a press conference for Guidance and Counselling Project for Migrants and Returnees (European Commission). Conducted in the UK, The Netherlands and Slovakia.

  • Experiences of Migration: The African Refugee Development Centre (ARDC), Israel. Nov 2009

Piloted a research project for a UN funded, non-statutory organisation in Israel (ARDC) working with asylum seekers from African countries. The research used qualitative methods to explore the experience of being a forced migrant. The research findings were presented to the United Nations.


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  • Professional Practice in Counselling Psychology 1 (PY8610)
  • Professional Practice in Counselling Psychology 2 (PY8604)
  • Perspectives on Research (PY8605)
  • Professional Practice in Counselling Psychology 3 (PY8607)
  • Supervision, Consultation and Leadership (PY8608)