Aaron Kans

Dr Aaron Kans

Head of Department

Department of Engineering & Computing , School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering

Dr Aaron Kans is the Principal Computer Science Lecturer and currently Head of Undergraduate Computing programmes. He is also the author of several text books that are used both nationally and internationally, and the winner of the Best Lecturer award at the UEL Student Led Teaching Awards.

Areas Of Interest

My research involves the development of safety critical software from formal specifications. I have had several papers published in this area. I am also interested in comparative programming paradigms.

On This Page


I have been at UEL for over 10 years and have taught at all levels within our set of computing programmes, largely in the area of software engineering. I have co-authored three text-books, which are widely used throughout the UK and overseas. I am currently the link tutor for our oversees collaborations with FTMS in Singapore and Malaysia as well as being the Head of Undergraduate Programmes in Computer Science and Informatics. In 2016 I was voted the Best Lecturer at the UEL Student Led Teaching Awards.


My research interests lie in the area of Software Engineering, specifically Formal Methods; Safety Critical Software and Computer Science Education.

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  • C. Draganova, A Kans, S W Lee, Intelligent Feedback to Enhance The Student Learning Experience in Scholarship in Learning, Teaching and Assessment, UEL (2010)


  • "Java in Two Semesters (3rd Edition)", Charatan, Q and Kans, A.. 2009. McGraw-Hill.
  • Formal Software Development (From VDM to Java), Charatan, Q and Kans, A.. 2004. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • "Using ABC to Prototype VDM Specifications", Hayton, C and Kans, A.. January 1994. ACM SIGPLAN Notices. pp27-37 .


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  • CN4102:  Introduction to Software Development
  • CN6120: Formal Methods
  • CN6103: Final Year Projects 

Scholarly Activities



Recent scholarly activity has resulted in the publication of three text-books, which are widely used for teaching of software engineering both in the UK and overseas.


  • Charatan and A Kans, Java: the First Semester, McGraw-Hill 2001
  • Charatan and A Kans, Formal Software Development, Palgrave-Macmillan 2004
  • Charatan and A Kans, Java in Two Semesters, (3rd edition) McGraw-Hill 2009


The second edition of Java in Two Semesters is also available in a Mandarin translation.