21 January 2021

The School of Education and Communities (EDUCOM) is pleased to be joining Newham Citizens to provide Community Leadership Training for students.  Newham Citizens, part of Citizens UK, is offering community leadership training workshops as part of teaching the tools and skills of community organising.  While the sessions are aimed at students in the School of Education and Communities, they are open for all UEL students and staff who are interested.

We are pleased to be able to expand our long-standing partnership with Newham Citizens. Through such innovative, creative and critically engaging experiences the school aims to foster student’s engagement with transformational change, excellence and leadership".

"Our aspiration has always been for our graduates to become outstanding community leaders and this is a fantastic opportunity for all our students to learn the skills and techniques behind these successful campaigns,"

Richard Harty, dean of the School of Education and Communities, said.

Newham Citizens focuses on building relationships with leaders from various institutions, such as the University of East London, to teach them about community organising which will give the power back to the people and achieve change in the local community.  These skills have already helped transform our city and nation through campaigns such as the Real Living Wage, Affordable Housing, Refugees Welcome, Mental Health and Affordable Credit.

Alistair Rooms, Community Organiser at Newham Citizens, said, "We are excited to have a selection of inspiring speakers at these workshops which will hopefully show the students that anyone from any background can make a difference".

One such guest speaker, Luljeta Nuzi, came to London from Albania in 1999 and after doing some volunteer work was motivated to create the 'Hope' programme. Luljeta Nuzi is the founder of Shpresa Programme (Shpresa meaning 'Hope' in Albanian), a user led organisation that works to promote the integration of the Albanian community in UK using a family approach and providing holistic services through partnership work.

The training will take place over a series of workshops in February and March who will focus on equipping students with the practical tools of community organising and supporting them in understanding how to apply these skills. The workshops will give practical examples of how ordinary people are transforming communities in East London and motivate them to get involved in a practical way after the training.

Gail May, Director of the Office for Postgraduates, Research and Engagement, said, 'the community leadership training provided by Citizens UK gives our students insight into working with communities and developing strategies to effect change in areas and on issues they feel passionately about'.

At the heart of many of these programmes, is the belief that anyone can bring about change. For more information on Citizens UK, go to

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