27 February 2020

Fashion students at the University of East London were inspired by a behind the scenes tour of Amazon Imaging.

Amazon Imaging creates content for the online retail platform, including for their own lines of clothing. Over 500,000 images are captured each year in their Shoreditch based studio, which is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

Students got the chance to have an exclusive tour around the fashion studio, seeing it in action. They also had the opportunity to ask industry experts questions and hear about their professional journey.


It was really great to visit Amazon. It was perfect research for me as I am currently doing my dissertation which is about the future of retail - whether it's going to be in high streets or e-commerce.

"It was also really nice being able to see behind the scenes and understand how e-commerce works, how it is set up and the process from start to finish. It is such a great opportunity to learn about such a big corporation and we met a UEL alumnus who was working as a stylist which was great,"

Douglas Mikhail Bingaman, UEL fashion student, said.

Amber Moore, who is in her third year of her fashion marketing degree, added, "It was really interesting to see the process and what the studios looked like. It helps give us more of an idea of what career opportunities there are once we graduate - I might not have previously put Amazon and fashion together."

Last year, Amazon Imaging created 252,311 images for its e-commerce platform.

Ruth Jacob, Programme leader for Fashion Marketing at UEL, said that it was an important opportunity for students to make industry links and become inspired by different pathways into the industry.

She said, "Opportunities to meet industry partners like Amazon always inspires students and their thinking. It also helps them start to think about different pathways into their chosen careers by giving them a glimpse into the workings of a thriving player in the fashion e-commerce."

The visit was organised by Employer Engagement team at the University of East London which connect employers with our talented students and graduates in order to promote graduate roles, internships, part-time and casual jobs.

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