UEL Alumni Network is a service for all students and staff (past and present). We welcome our members from all around the world and aim to provide opportunities for communication, friendship and involvement.

To reflect the international identity of our alumni community and to make this a truly 21st century service, our goal is to make our services and benefits more accessible by maximising our use of the worldwide web, email and social media sites. This website is, therefore, your one-stop shop for information about what the network can offer you, how you can get involved and news of alumni success and developments at UEL.

As a member of UEL Alumni Network you can access a number of benefits for you and your business including a free subscription to our new e-newsletter, magazine, invitations to events and use of our online community. There are also opportunities to play an active role in the Network by organising a reunion for your School or Year group or by joining or leading a regional group.