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Setting the pace for professional education

Launching September 2017

YourWay is designed to upskill employees, bridge the skills gap and meet labour market demands. It is a collaboration between the University of East London, businesses, employers and professional bodies. YourWay combines the best features of online learning with motivational coaching and a subscription-based pricing model. 

The first three YourWay certificates will launch in September 2017. YourWay certificates are awarded by the University of East London and are equivalent to completion of the first year of a bachelor's degree. 

  • Cert HE Management and Leadership (dual award with the Chartered Management Institute)*
  • Cert HE Hospitality and Tourism Management*
  • Cert HE Health and Social Care Management*

* Subject to validation.

Information for Employers

YourWay has been designed in collaboration with employers. Focusing on developing industry-relevant applied skills, knowledge and experience, YourWay is the ideal way to upskill your workforce.

Key features include:

  • A cutting-edge learning platform that recognises existing experience and enables learners to skip ahead if necessary. 
  • A flat subscription model — you only pay for the time it takes your employees to complete the course.
  • Accreditation from professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Management (CMI).
  • Work-based assessments that tailor learning to your employee’s role and the context of your company
  • Students study at their own pace — anywhere, anytime.
  • Progress coaches to ensure your employees stay on track.
  • A real-time digital transcript that allows you and your employees to monitor progress, ensuring you both get a return on your investment.

Information for Individuals

YourWay is perfect if you want to progress your career by combining studying alongside your existing job. Designed with industry, YourWay qualifications are the perfect way to demonstrate to your current or future employer that you are ready for a management role.

Key features include:

  • A cutting-edge learning platform that recognises your existing experience and enables you to skip ahead if necessary.
  • A flat subscription model — you only pay for the time it takes you to complete your course. You may be able to ask your employer to sponsor your studies.
  • Accreditation from professional bodies such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).
  • Work-based assessments that enable to you to tailor and apply your learning to your employment context.
  • Study at your own pace — at home or at work, anywhere, anytime.
  • Your progress coaches will help to ensure you to stay motivated, on track and complete the course quickly.
  • Our real-time digital transcript will allow you to monitor your progress and demonstrate your new knowledge and skills to your employer.

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