Curriculum Ambassador

The role of Curriculum Ambassador involves working at UEL and in schools and colleges to deliver subject-specific presentations to young people.

What sort of thing does a Curriculum Ambassador do?

Curriculum Ambassadors have the opportunity to produce and lead interactive and inspiring subject-specific presentations, both at the university and in schools and colleges. The scheme gives UEL students the opportunity to represent UEL, promote higher education and work with young people from underrepresented groups to encourage studying at university. Curriculum Ambassadors work for the Outreach and Access Team that sits within the External Relations Directorate.

Curriculum Ambassadors may travel to school or college sites or lead workshops at on campus as part of Taster Day experiences in East London or Essex.

Curriculum Ambassadors deliver subject-specific interactive presentations to students of all year groups from our partner schools and colleges. This can range from primary school to post-16 students. Curriculum Ambassadors work alongside academics to produce subject specific content that will engage and inspire!

What type of schools and colleges do we work with?

We work with students from a variety of different schools and colleges who have a high number of students from underrepresented groups. These could include:

  • Students with parents who did not attend Higher Education
  • Schools that have a high percentage of students who do not speak English as a first language
  • Schools with high numbers of students receiving free school meals

The aim is to encourage young people to consider studying at university. We want to work with schools and colleges to raise students’ attainment, help them explore opportunities for the future and support their progression to higher education.

What are the benefits to working as a Curriculum Ambassador?

Working as a Curriculum Ambassador is a flexible way to earn money and gain valuable work experience.  Alongside earning money there are other benefits to the working as a Student Ambassador. Key benefits include the opportunity to:

Boost your CV: Curriculum Ambassadors gain valuable skills and experience including, designing engaging content and experience in delivering presentations, classroom management and facilitation skills.

Receive high quality training: Curriculum Ambassador receive high quality training to support them in the roles and bespoke training throughout the year. 

Attend networking and social events: Curriculum Ambassadors have the opportunity to meet other ambassadors from both UEL and other universities. A calendar of networking and social opportunities are planned throughout the year and the scheme is a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

What are the time commitments?

There is no minimum time commitment – the job is flexible and built to fit around university studies. Jobs are sent out regularly and Curriculum Ambassadors can choose to express interest in the jobs that they would like to work.

How much do Curriculum Ambassadors get paid?

Curriculum Ambassadors get paid higher than the London living wage – currently £12.07 per hour.

How do I apply to become a Curriculum Ambassador?

Applications for the 2022 Spring Curriculum Ambassador recruitment round will open on Monday 7th March 2022

Please apply to the scheme using our online form.

Applications will close on Tuesday 19 April 2022.

How do I find out more?

If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact us at

What skills and qualities do I need to become a Curriculum Ambassador?

The Curriculum Ambassador Scheme is open to all current students at UEL including home, domestic and EU. We welcome applicants from all years and all disciplines.

We are looking for reliable, committed individuals with strong subject knowledge and good presentation skills.

Please refer to the Person Specification on the Job Description for further detail on the skills, knowledge and experience that we look for in applicants.

To support the pre-entry work of our Access and Outreach Team we particularly welcome applications from students who may have disability, are care experienced or estranged from their families.

Can I apply to be both a Student Ambassador and a Curriculum Ambassador?

Yes, we welcome and encourage applicants to apply to both positions.