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Join us for an interactive virtual Open Evening.

UEL students smiling and walking


The University of East London's Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Amanda Broderick, welcomes you to your virtual Open Evening.

What to expect during the event?

Throughout the event, you will be able to:

  • Hear from academics and chat live with staff and current students to find out what it's really like to study at UEL
  • Explore amazing campuses and waterfront accommodation via our virtual tour
  • Join our Personal Statement workshop for top tips
  • Get expert advice on the admissions process, careers and student finance - including the scholarships we offer
  • Get expert advice on returning to education and the short courses available with direct entry to some degree programmes
  • Learn about our new Dual Delivery approach to teaching and learning
  • Find out more about accommodation, student life and much more!

Take a look at our talks scheduled throughout the event, and make sure to have a look through the various information and videos on our page at your own pace!


Talks schedule

Click on the tabs below to see the talks available and how to join us!

Personal Statements Workshop
Join our Curriculum Ambassador to find out what makes a great personal statement.
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BA (Hons) Acting
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Architecture & Physical Design
BSc Architectural Design Technology / Foundation, BSc Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1) / Foundation, BA Interior and spatial design, BA Interior Design / Foundation 
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BA (Hons) Drama, Applied Theatre and Production 
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BA Computer Game Development and BA Computer Games Design: Story Development
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Global Development, Politics & Sociology
International-development-with-ngo-management BA HonsInternational-development-with-ngo-management-with-foundation-year BA HonsPolitics-and-international-relations BA HonsPolitics-and-international-relations-with-foundation-year BA HonsSociology-with-foundation-year BA HonsSociology-with-criminology BA HonsSociology BA HonsSociology-with-criminology-with-foundation year BA Hons
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Law, Criminology & Policing 
LLB Law, LLB Law with Foundation Year, LLB Business Law, LLB Business Law with Foundation Year, LLB with Criminology, LLB with Criminology with Foundation Year, LLB with International Relations, LLB with International Relations with Foundation Year. BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice, BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice with Foundation Year, BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice (Cyber Criminology), BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice (Cyber Criminology) with Placement Year, BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice (Cyber Criminology) with Foundation Year, BA (Hons) Criminology and Law, BA (Hons) Criminology and Law with Foundation Year, BA (Hons) Criminology and Psychology, BA (Hons) Criminology and Psychology with Placement Year, BA (Hons) Sociology with Criminology, BSc (Hons) Policing Studies Top-Up, BSc (Hons) Professional Policing
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BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult), FdSc Nursing Associate
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PEP – New Beginnings and Law Short Course 
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You can chat to our Academics directly to find out about studying at UEL 

This is a previous recording from last open day and the deadlines for April intake has passed. Please do get in touch with us to discuss summer courses

Level 3 Foundation Year, BSc Psychology, BSc Psychology by Distance Learning, BSc Clinical and Community Psychology, BSc Forensic Psychology, BSc Child Psychology, BSc Psychology with Positive Education, BSc Cyberpsychology, BSc Environmental Psychology 
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BSc (Hons) Community Sport Management, BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science, BSc (Hons) Sport, PE & Development, BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching & Performance, BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy
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Teacher Education & Training
Computer Science with Education and QTS BSc, Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, Primary-education-with-qts BA Hons
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Join our Admissions Process Talk
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Join our Fees and Funding Talk
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Join our International & EU Talk
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Student Ambassador Q&A – Ask us anything!

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Personal Statements Workshop
Join our Curriculum Ambassador to find out what makes a great personal statement.
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Art & Design 
BA (Hons) incl. FY Animation and illustration, BA (Hons) incl. FY Commercial Photography, BA (Hons) incl. FY Fine Art, BA (Hons) incl. FY Fine Art Technology, BA (Hons) incl. FY Graphic Design,  BA (Hons) incl. FY Graphic Design and illustration, BA (Hons) incl. FY Illustration, BA (Hons) Photography
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Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Finance 
MAccFin Accounting and Finance, BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance, BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance with Placement Year, BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance with Foundation year, BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance (FinTech), BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance (FinTech) with Placement Year, BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance (FinTech) with Foundation Year, BSc (Hons) Economics, BSc (Hons) Economics with Foundation Year, BSc (Hons) Economics (FinTech), BSc (Hons) Economics (FinTech) with Placement Year, BSc (Hons) Economics (FinTech) with Foundation Year, BSc (Hons) Business Management, BSc (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year, BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management, BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management with Placement Year, BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management with Foundation Year, BSc (Hons) Marketing, BSc (Hons) Marketing with Placement Year, BSc (Hons) Marketing with Foundation Year, BSc (Hons) Marketing (Data Analytics), BSc (Hons) Marketing (Data Analytics) with Placement Year, BSc (Hons) Marketing (Data Analytics) with Foundation Year
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Construction, Transport & Logistics 
BSc (Hons) incl. FY Construction Management, BSc (Hons) incl. FY Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management, BSc (Hons) incl. FY Surveying and Mapping Sciences, BA (Hons) Product Design
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BSc (Hons) Counselling
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BA (Hons) Fashion Design, BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing, BA (Hons) Textile Design
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Global Development, Politics & Sociology
BA (Hons) Sociology with Criminology (with Foundation Year), BA (Hons) Sociology with Criminology, BA (Hons) Sociology (with Foundation Year), BA (Hons) Sociology
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Hospitality, Events and Tourism 
BA (Hons) Event Management, BA (Hons) Event Management with Placement Year, BA (Hons) Event Management with Foundation Year, BA (Hons) Hospitality Management, BA (Hons) Hospitality Management with Placement Year, BA (Hons) Hospitality Management with Foundation Year, BA (Hons) Tourism Management, BA (Hons) Tourism Management with Placement Year, BA (Hons) Tourism Management with Foundation Year 
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BA Journalism; BA Sports Journalism; BA Fashion Journalism; BA Music Journalism 
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BA (Hons) Music Technology, BA (Hons) Music Performance and Production, BA (Hons) Music and Sound
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Performing Arts 
BA (Hons) Performing Arts
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Public Health 
BSc (Hons) Public Health
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Join our Admissions Process Talk
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Join our Fees and Funding Talk
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Join our International & EU Talk
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Live Virtual Campus Tour with Student Ambassador 

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Personal Statements Workshop 
Join our Curriculum Ambassador to find out what makes a great personal statement.
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Allied Health 
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, BSc (Hons) Podiatry 
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BSc Applied Computing (top-up), BSc Cloud Computing, BSc Computer Science / Foundation, BSc Computer Science with education and qualified teacher status, BSc Computing for business / Foundation, BSc Cyber Security Networks, BSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence / Foundation 
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Creative Writing  
BA (Hons) Creative and Professional Writing
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BA (Hons) Dance: Urban Practice
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Early Childhood and Education 
Early-childhood studies BA Hons, Early-childhood studies-online BA Hons, Early-childhood studies with foundation year BA Hons, Special education online BA Hons, Special education BA Hons, Education-studies BA Hons, Education-studies-online BA Hons, Education Top Up BA Hons Online, Education Top Up BA Hons, BA Montessori Pedagogy Top Up
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BEng (Hons) Biomedical Engineering, BSc (Hons) incl. FY Civil Engineering,  BEng (Hons) incl. FY Civil Engineering,  MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering (Integrated Masters), BEng (Hons) incl. FY Engineering Management, BEng (Hons) incl. FY General Engineering, BEng (Hons) incl. FY Mechanical Engineering, MEng (Hons) Engineering (Integrated Masters), BEng (Hons) Mechatronics and computer systems engineering, BEng (Hons) Mechatronics Engineering, BEng (Hons) incl. FY Product Design Engineering, BEng (Hons) Railway Engineering
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Film & Animation 
BA Film, BA Animation
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BA Media and Communications, BA Media and Immersive Production, BA Advertising, BA Media Production 
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Medical Sciences 
BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science, BSc (Hons) Medical Physiology, BSc (Hons) Biochemistry & Biotechnology, BSc (Hons) Pharmacology, BSc (Hons) Chemistry, BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science
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Social and Community Work 
Psychosocial community work BA Hons, Psychosocial community work with foundation year BA Hons, Youth-work BA Hons
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Join our Admissions Process Talk
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Join our Fees and Funding Talk
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Join our International & EU Talk
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Dual Delivery Live Talk and Q&A
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Throughout the evening you’ll have the opportunity to chat to academics, support service staff and current students live on UniBuddy. Click one of the links below and choose who you want to talk to.

To talk to academics from your chosen course and hear from current students visit our designated page on unibuddy below.

If you want to find out about our amazing support services and the support available to you as a student of UEL, you can talk to our staff directly.

You’ll be able to talk to staff from Admissions, Career & Student Enterprise, East London Sport, Residential Life, Student Money Advice and Rights Team, Students’ Union and many more. 

Please note that the Disability & Dyslexia Team and Student Wellbeing Team won’t be available to talk on UniBuddy at this event. This is to avoid sensitive information being shared and seen by others. If you’d like to speak to someone from these teams, please click the highlighted links and complete the call back forms and someone will be in touch. 

Our Applicant Relations Team are also available throughout the event via the live chat feature. They can offer advice on everything related to UEL and assist you if you’re struggling to access a talk or can’t locate the chat rooms. 

360 Virtual campus tour

Use our new virtual tour to explore the University of East London remotely.

We’ve built an interactive tour of our Docklands, Stratford and USS campuses using high quality 360 imagery and a host of in-depth content to bring the university into your home.

Take a look at our state-of-the-art teaching facilities, accommodation, SportsDock and more, to get to know the place you’ll be living, working and socialising in when you join us.


After an unprecedented and transformational year, the University of East London is looking ahead to a brighter 2021.  
We've adapted our processes, streamlined our courses and worked alongside industry to offer career-focused teaching that will give you the skills and creativity to remain adaptable in a rapidly changing world.  

A COVID-19 vaccine is on the horizon, social justice movements like Black Lives Matter have raised enormous questions to people and politicians, the climate crisis remains a global priority, and all the while our students seek a life-changing education to better themselves, get ahead in their career and give back to their communities.   

Now is the time to harness that passion, creativity, compassion and ambition to make change a reality – for ourselves, for our communities and for the world at large.  

The world needs change. #BeTheNext to join the University of East London in 2021 and together we can #BeTheChange.


The University of East London is the leading careers university, pioneering futures since 1898. We are dedicated to supporting you to develop the skills, emotional intelligence and creativity needed to prepare and thrive in Industry 4.0. Our students get more than just a degree. They also gain the skills and experience that employers are looking for.

We know the world of work is changing, and we continue to work with global organisations to make our courses entrepreneurial, creative and inspirational.
Whatever you chose to study with us – be it accounting, fashion, healthcare or psychology – we’ll make sure that you leave equipped with both the subject knowledge and workplace skills that are essential to securing a job.

Read about our vision, our amazing campuses, how we’ve adapted our teaching and learning during the current COVID-19 pandemic and how we provide you with skills needed to secure your chosen career


We’re one of the only universities in London to have a self-contained campus – you’ll find almost everything you need at Docklands, and superb teaching spaces at our Stratford sites.

Read more about our waterside campus accommodation, discover our world-class facilities at the SportsDock, explore all the student groups available at the Students’ Union and so much more.


We won’t let worry get in the way of your ambitions. We have numerous student support teams available to help you even before becoming a student at UEL. Whether you need support with your application, for dyslexia, advice about money, or guidance on mental health, we’re here for you.

Some of our student support services are available to talk to now in our chat room and are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you need to contact the Disability & Dyslexia Team or Student Wellbeing Service, click the links and complete their call back forms.

You can also talk directly to our Applicant Relations Team now by clicking the chat icon on the left hand side of your screen.


You can call to speak with our Applicant Relations or Admissions Teams on +44 (0)20 4509 1460 or you can complete the Call Back Form and a member of the team will be in touch.

How do I choose the right course for me?
Selecting a course is vital. Our Applicant Relations team is available on email at to provide support if you are unsure about a course being right for you. Alternatively, you can send an enquiry to our Information Advice and Guidance team.

What information should I gather before applying?
Before you make your application make sure you have the following ready:

1. Personal Statement

Personal statements are very important as it gives you the opportunity to write your motives for wanting to study the course of your choice. For assistance on writing your supporting statement visit the UCAS supporting statement page or speak to our Information Advice and Guidance team.

2. Information on your qualification/s

You will need to confirm level of qualification/s, awarding body and grade. Please note, we require a copy of your qualifications at the point of application and we may request to see the hard copy when you enrol. For certificates which may have been misplaced or lost, it would be a good idea to request replacement, so you have them ready for enrolment.

3. References

For your application we require at least one reference. Your referee can be either your tutors or employers. Please note we cannot accept references from family members, or friends.

4. English Language

If your undergraduate degree is not from the UK, we may require evidence of a satisfactory English Language qualification or test.

When should I submit my application?
Applications for our September 2021 courses are now open. 

How do I apply?
- September 2021 - Applications for full time undergraduate courses are made via UCAS.
- For undergraduate part time courses, please submit your application directly to UEL.

How much does it cost to apply?
The course fee for full time applications submitted via UCAS is £20 (for a single choice) and £25 for multiple courses. For part time applications submitted directly to UEL, there is no application fee.

Will not sitting exams stop me from getting an offer?
Absolutely not!

Essentially, even though exams are cancelled, you will still be awarded final grades for the qualifications you are taking this year. We will use those grades in the same way we have in previous years.

We do know there is uncertainty around exams this year which continue to raise lots of questions about how offers will be made so we are working hard to ensure applicants are not disadvantaged in any way. 

We are constantly in touch with key external organisations to ensure we are fully up to date with latest developments.

How will my application be assessed?
At UEL we take a broad ranging holistic view of all applications we receive; we look at the Applicant and not just the application – the things we look at include:

  • Qualifications achieved prior to your application
  • Predicted grades of any qualifications you are currently studying
  • Personal statement
  • Prior work experience and skills gained
  • Portfolio of work (where appropriate)
  • Interview/assessment/audition (where appropriate)

How long will it take to get a decision?
We aim to come back to you regarding your application within 10 working days. For courses that require portfolios / interviews / auditions this may take slightly longer.

How do I track the progress or my application?
- If you have applied via UCAS, you can log in to your UCAS Track.

- If you applied direct to UEL you will be able to check progress and contact Admissions via your UEL Applicant Portal – a link to this will be sent upon completion of the direct application.