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Care Leaver Bursaries 2018

Care Leaver and Foyer Bursaries

We’re excited to announce our care leavers scheme to support students who have been in care. Please read our full terms and conditions.

Award Summary
Cash award of £1,000 for students who have previously lived in care or a foyer
The funding is non-repayable and you’re free to choose how you spend the money
Please note students who choose to live in University owned accomodation will be eligible for an additional £500 contribution towards their rent and deposit.

Eligibility Summary
New and continuing home* undergraduate students who have previously lived in care or a foyer

  •     You must be fee-assessed as a home student
  •     Students studying full-time and paying fees of £9,250 per year
  •     Aged under 25 at the start of your course

Please note: Students will need to provide evidence to show they have lived in care or have lived in a foyer during the year before commencing study at UEL.

*See fee assessment

How do I apply?
To apply please complete our application form and return along with your supporting documentation to:
SMART, University of East London, University Way, London, E16 2RD

Applications will open October 2018.

Further information
For more information contact our SMART team on 020 8223 4444 or at

University of East London Access Agreement
This bursary is funded as part of UEL’s 2018/19 Access Agreement commitment. All publicly funded providers of higher education in England that wish to charge tuition fees above the basic level have to submit an Access Agreement to the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) for approval.
See UEL’s access agreements.