BSc (Hons) International Sport with Enterprise

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  • Core Modules

    Sports Leadership & Management

    This module aims to introduce structures, principles and processes underpinning leadership & management within sports-related organisations. You will also develop an understanding of management theory and how to effectively lead organisations, organise people and formulate groups within sports related settings.


    Essential Skills for Sport (Mental Wealth)

    You will be able to develop the academic, interpersonal and communication skills necessary for effective learning and employment in the sport, exercise and physical activity industries. In addition, you will be introduced to professional, ethical and reflective practice skills specific to their discipline. You will then be able to recognise the importance of research and academic skills for university and working life.


    Sport, Health and Leisure

    The sport and health and fitness industry is prolific and extremely broad, and this module builds on the applied skills and knowledge gained in Essential Skills for Sport at level 4. The module will ask students to consider current sport, health and leisure issues both across the UK and internationally and how they are currently being tackled by National Governing Bodies (NGB's). The module is designed to give students a broad and holistic view of health and leisure industries, organisations, issues and preventative and intervention strategies, opening another area of employability within international sport.


    Coaching Principles

    This module will introduce you to the fundamental academic and principle components underpinning sports coaching. A further aim of the module is to consider broader issues (e.g., health and safety, risk management, equality, inclusion) affecting the coach while operating in his/her sporting environment. The module will provide you with the opportunity to develop theoretical understanding of coaching in both a classroom and practical setting. At the end of this module you will be able to deliver a well-managed coaching session as part of a group, inclusive of all fundamental coaching principles.


    Principles of Sports Marketing

    This module will introduce marketing and promotional strategies used by performance orientated and community based sports organisations. You can expect to cover the marketing mix and situational analysis with real life examples in the sports and football industry. You will develop into marketing strategies for products and campaigns, gaining an understanding of how marketing and promotion is utilised and beneficial to sports organisations.


    Current Issues in Sport

    The aim of this module is to prepare and enlighten you to a fast growing sector emerging from Sport Development. The role of a Community Sports organisation is to plan, organise and deliver inclusive activities for all of the community, tackling some of the current issues we have in UK Sport and society. Naturally, this module will equip you with critical thinking skills and the knowledge required to support initiatives that tackle these current issues, both from community and performance sport perspective. Within the module you will also gain an understanding of the role that professional sport organisations have in supporting a community groups and making a positive impact in some of society's key inequalities. You will learn the intricate and historical details behind these current issues to better understand why some of these issues still exist today.

  • Core Modules

    Research Methods & Design (Mental Wealth)

    This module will support you to develop skills that enable you to conceptualise, plan, analyse and interpret experiments that answer real world problems. The focus will be on research methods as applied to professional practice through the monitoring of change that occurs in outcomes specific to your chosen career path. The module will also continue to develop your level of critical thinking through interpretation and synthesis of secondary data.


    Professional Development

    This module builds on the applied skills and knowledge gained in Essential Skills for Sport and further develops the student’s understanding and experience through a singular focused placement. Each student will identify a preferred learning environment and will aim to specialise in a specific role. Through the summer months which sit in between level 4 and 5, the students will be offered international placement opportunities where they can use their experience and hours gained to meet criteria within Professional Development (SP2). This will provide invaluable experience in a more dynamic, but specific setting and will develop their reflective skills appropriately for required employment opportunities. The student will create bespoke Individual Learning Plans that support their development throughout the module. They will also receive regular mentoring from their module leader and placement supervisor.


    Sport Media

    This module will introduce you to sporting media across the world. It provides an overview of developments in the global sporting media and communication industries and their impact on audiences and cultures worldwide. As part of this module, students will also develop an understanding of the concepts, issues, critical perspectives and methodologies that constitute our approach to learning, studying and teaching sports media.


    Sport Organisational Culture

    This module will build on Sports Leadership and Management at Level 4 and introduce students to how sporting organisations work and how a certain culture is created within that organisation. This module will give students a firm grounding in modern sports development from traditional forms to present-day practices. It will also look into how culture can form within successful groups, and how this culture can be created.


    Sports Management & Marketing

    Sport Management & Marketing aims to provide you with a thorough understanding of how to manage and market a sports programme, project, event, product or service. Within community sports and sports business industries, marketing has become a huge influence on success. Developing from level 4, you will analyse and critique sports organisations use of the marketing mix (7p's). As a manager of a programme, project, event, service or product in the sports industry, you must also be aware of organisation, operational, logistical, ethical and social factors in order to align with your organisations strategic interests and targets. This module will provide you with insight into management responsibilities in sport and the factors that must be taken into account if you wish to be successful.


    Global Sport and Wellbeing

    Global sport is estimated to be worth between £400-£500 billion and is growing significantly each year. This module will provide both theory and practical knowledge for students delving into topics such as history, sub-cultures, practices and structures in a global context.

  • Core Modules

    Event Management

     This module will provide students with the opportunity to apply both practical and theoretical knowledge learned at level 5 with the delivery of a specific event which is relevant to their area of interest. This will help students engage in areas such as marketing, leadership, and financial management.


    Managing Sport Projects

    This module will provide students with the practical and theoretical tools required to manage a wide range of sporting projects. Students will be able to systematically review and evaluate the concepts and techniques used in project management, looking at sports events in particular. By the end of this module, students will be able to demonstrate the practical skills required to implement strategies that can achieve successful sporting projects.


    Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

     This module aims to:

    • introduce the entrepreneurial mindset, and to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge vital for generating commercial or social value in sports’ knowledge-based economy
    • enable you to commodify your undergraduate skillset to identify opportunities within your profession and create a business plan to capitalise on your ideas.

    International Relations

     International relations is the study of international systems and understanding the unique relationships that exist between various nations and cultures. This module will help build on your knowledge from level 5 and will explore areas such as conflict resolution and international policies. Throughout learning, students will be encouraged to apply theoretical concepts real-world events.


    Applied Research Project

     To encourage you to work independently and under supervision with an academic member of staff to produce a project that demonstrates your ability to research and/or explore an applied topic in sport and exercise science/therapy.  You will communicate your findings to a range of audiences such as coaches, clinicians, physical educators and sport scientists.




Docklands Campus

Docklands Campus, Docklands Campus, London, E16 2RD


The teaching team includes qualified academics, practitioners and industry experts as guest speakers. Full details of the academics will be provided in the student handbook and module guides.