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Professor Sally Cutler: Inaugural Lecture

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Come and join this evening celebration of a remarkable journey that has taken Sally Cutler from a local country secondary modern school to her professorship at UEL. 

Biology became her passion from childhood with her dolls suffering from recurring infectious diseases! This later became her career specialising in Medical Microbiology. She became particularly interested in more macabre aspects such as diseases transmitted by blood-sucking arthropods (“insects”) with her PhD being on Lyme disease. 

She then studied louse-borne infections that took her to places such as Ethiopia and Tanzania. Her areas of interest spilled into other aligned areas of zoonoses (infections transmitted from animals to humans) of which many include blood-sucking arthropods. 

She is now a well-known established researcher in this field with extensive international connections. Her inaugural lecture will reflect upon this journey together with its hurdles and challenges that will hopefully provide inspiration for all.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016 from 6pm - 9pm  

AE1.01, Stratford Campus

University of East London

Water Lane, Stratford

London E15 4LZ 

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


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