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Through the lens of Hip Hop

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Through the lens of Hip Hop: UK Women

A documentary film screening

Introduction by co-directors Silhouette Bushay and Samantha Calliste 

Stratford Campus, ED4.02

Through The Lens of Hip Hop: UK Women aims to highlight and validate the voices of women from the hip hop community in the UK through the production of a short documentary series. This film documentary contains narratives and opinions of women in the UK and covers an amalgamation of themes.

In this documentary you will see UK female Hip-Hop community speak on issues of feminism, identity, race, hip-hop education, women in the music industry and more. Presented in insightful personal narratives/reflections through interviews of an intergenerational nature, bringing from margin to centre, the much obscured, but very present hip-hop feminist sensibility here in the UK.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

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