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Head Lice Awareness Event

Head Lice Awareness Event 

Head lice infestation is an embarrassing problem that will not go away.  Although not considered a health hazard, the impact of lice upon those infested and their families is significant – and there is evidence to suggest the problem is becoming increasingly common. 

Most infestation cases are among children. Parents will often keep a child infested with lice away from school, requiring parents to take time off work to provide childcare.

Those children with head lice who do go to school are often unable to concentrate on their classwork due to the extreme itchiness caused by infestation. They also face being alienated by their peers.

Sally Cutler is Professor of Medical Microbiology at the University of East London. She is holding a public event in Stratford on Tuesday, 5 April, to dispel some common myths about head lice and give parents and carers the information they need.

Professor Cutler says, “Many adults are unable to untangle the truths from the myths regarding head lice and are often exposed to conflicting opinions about what to do.  At our event, we will dispel some of the myths and bring together experts to discuss priorities for control of this problem.”

Also in attendance will be 

Joanna Ibarra from Community Hygiene Concern

Dee Wright from the Hairforce (lice assassins)

The Head Louse Awareness event takes place 6- 8pm on Tuesday 5 April, at University Square Stratford, 1 Salway Road, London E15 1NF.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

University Square Stratford,

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