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Celebrate Newham Heritage Week with UEL

Newham Heritage Week: events from the University of East London and the Raphael Samuel History Centre

Wednesday, 25th October, 1-3pm

The North Woolwich trail: deep water

This audio trail features the sounds and voices of the river and docklands at the far end of the docks. Walk the Thames path along wild stretches of river that may soon be overshadowed by a new Thames road bridge; cross the locks used by some of the biggest ocean liners in the world; discover the ultra-modern dockside campus of the University of East London and follow the trail to North Woolwich, its free ferry and the last traditional dockers pubs in London. Composed by Mark Hunter, featuring archive interviews from the Eastside Community Heritage collection and the Docklands collection at the Museum of London. Audio equipment will be provided and the walk will be guided by Dr Toby Butler and students at the University of East London. Meeting point: Entrance to King George V DLR Station. Approximate duration: two and a half hours. Distance: 3.5km (ending at Cyprus DLR). Wednesday, 25th October, 1pm. Limited places, please email to book.

Thursday 27th October, 2pm to 4pm

The West Silvertown trail: gunpowder, flour and flood

This audio trail includes the beauty of Barrier Park, the horror of the biggest explosion ever to rock London and first-hand accounts of working life in the riverside factories and dockside flour mills as well as a vision of how this area could change in the very near future. Composed by Jo Thomas. Audio equipment will be provided and the walk will be led by the composer along with Dr Toby Butler and students at the University of East London. Meeting point: main entrance, Excel Centre (Custom House DLR). Approximate Duration: two hours (ending Pontoon Dock DLR). Distance: 2km. Thursday 27th October, 2pm to 4pm. Limited places, please email to book.

Thursday, 27th October

Film screening and discussion

Foreign Pickers by Kathrin Böhm (Myvillages) for Company Drinks, in collaboration with Sue Giovanni

The film offers an insight into the heritage, culture and economics of 'going picking', bringing together former hop-pickers 'who went down to Kent' from east London and today's pickers who come there and are both key to British agricultural success. They share the experience of being so-called foreigners in the Kent countryside; east Londoners and current 'foreigners', often EU citizens from eastern Europe, who come to Kent as seasonal agricultural workers.

Both groups of pickers are and have been essential to British agriculture, providing the en-masse low-cost manual labour necessary to grow and pick crops and fruits. Furthermore, both have developed their own cultures around being seasonal and casual workers on low income, from adapting mobile or low-spec accommodation, securing cheap travel, inventing free spare time activities, to socialising away from home.

This screening will be accompanied by a talk by Kathrin Böhm and Dr Toby Butler, University of East London, discussing the history and heritage of hop picking and Kathrin's ongoing project, Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks. Two new Company Drinks beverages which resulted from east London pickers going to Kent in 2016 will be also available: a Thinning Soda and a Gleaned Cider.

The screening will be at 7pm on Thursday, 27th October at University of East London, University Square, 1 Salway Road, Stratford E15 1NF. Free, no need to book

Sat 29th October 

Heritage afternoon at East Ham

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 13:00 to Saturday, 29 October 2016 21:00