An inclusive and diverse community of learning

We are an inclusive and diverse community with students, academics and guest speakers drawn from all over the world who come to share their experience, knowledge and insight – whether in the lecture theatre, at one of the many workshops and events we host, or among friends and peers.

About us

We teach in a way that allows you to continually evolve as the business world changes, giving you a superb foundation in fundamental business concepts, as well as specialist professional skills, and a wider understanding of the technological and economic landscape that businesses operate in.

Many of our courses provide an essential step towards gaining the professional accreditation you need to make a mark in your chosen field. We help you to convince employers that you have what it takes to make a positive difference.

Our flexible postgraduate courses provide specialist training that will help you advance your career, deepen your expertise in a particular field, or completely change career direction - all while managing work, family and life commitments.

Why choose us?

    92% overall student satisfaction for our Accounting, Finance and Economics courses according to The Guardian for 2019.

    Our prime location in East London's burgeoning Docklands - in the heart of London's only enterprise zone - and neighbouring the City and Canary Wharf - ensures our students are primed for a professional career at some of the capital's most advanced global companies.

    We have one of the largest Bloomberg training suites in the country. It gives you unparalleled access to the high-tech trading equipment that professionals in accounting, finance and economics use every day.

    Our facilities

    Our campuses are located at Docklands and Stratford, embedding us in the heart of London's most energetic and rapidly changing district with new businesses - from independent start-ups to global corporations - entering the region every day. We're also connected to the capital's financial and business centre at Canary Wharf, giving you the opportunity to go on business trips, seek placements and network with business leaders from around the world.

    We have one of the largest Bloomberg training suites in the country, allowing you to have access to the same world-class financial trading facilities that professionals in the City of London use, so you can learn using the best resources available.

    Engage with the Knowledge Dock which houses growing businesses and organises a range of events and activities for small businesses and the wider East London community, providing placement and internship opportunities. Our Tax and Accountancy clinic provides free advice to businesses allowing you to gain practical industry skills.

    Our bespoke and modern campus facilities are complete with extensive 24-hour library access, ultra-modern teaching hubs, tiered lecture theatres, seminar rooms, cafes and shops. To ensure our students get the best possible support, we've opened brand-new £3.1 million Student Support Hubs.

    These contain centralised help desks as well as comfortable areas to relax and socialise. The help desks provide a 'one-stop shop' for every possible need, from course-related enquiries to personal issues such as health and money matters.

    What we're researching

    Study of  States, Markets and People (STAMP) is a major inter-disciplinary initiative in the School of Business & Law whose primary focus is the study of global and European political economy and the forms of governance and regulation required to address socio-economic/financial issues and geo-political conflicts and crises.

    Having long studied the intensification of banking and financial crisis and the public policies of neo-liberalism and ordoliberalism resulting in many workshops and publications , STAMP's new research projects are now building new research capacity and infrastructure on five main axes:

    1. The impact of COVID-19 on local and global economic sectors, led by Dr. Francis B. Frimpong
    2. Technology transfer in the UK's tertiary sector in the context of UK-China interaction, a research conducted by STAMP Fellow, Prof Benzhao Yang of Northwestern Polytechnic University (China)
    3. The global economic and geopolitical antagonism between the USA and China, a project completed and turned into a monograph co-authored by Dr  Shampa Roy-Mukherjee, Prof Vassilis K. Fouskas, Dr  Qingan (Angus) Huang and Dr  Ejike Udeogu (to be published by Palgrave in October 2020)
    4. A pilot project on the issue of "brain drain" in Bosnia & Herzegovina, examining outward youth migration in the volatile Republic of SRPSKA
    5. The impact of the crisis of globalisation on the transition economies of western Balkans, a collection of papers edited and peer-reviewed by Dr Shampa Roy Mukherjee and Prof Jovo Ateljevic (University of Banja Luka, BiH) for the Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies (JBNES, Routledge-Taylor & Francis, 8 issues a year since 1998) - the collection will appear in print in JBNES, v.23, n.1, January 2021.

    STAMP researchers are also involved in research programmes related to the examination of the "gig economy" in the UK and its impact on well-being and healthy ageing. 

    My time studying Business Management (Marketing) at UEL allowed me to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge that has been extremely beneficial within the workplace. The network the course enables you to build is invaluable in the current employment market. The marketing industry is growing rapidly and UEL has prepared me to enter this industry confidently and successfully.

    Helena Crabtree

    BA Business Management (Marketing) (now BSc (Hons) Marketing)


    Our courses are highly professional degrees designed to give you the best start to your career. Accredited by a huge number of professional organisations, we incorporate a wide variety of employability-focused activities into our courses; from workshops and guest lectures, to field trips and practical assessments.

    Our degrees are ideal for a job in the corporate world in roles such as advertising, accountancy, banking, insurance, management consultancy, human resources, financial accountancy, management, data analysis, stockbroking, and auditing. Your degree could also be a stepping-stone to a magnitude of degrees from communications, to digital media and public relations. Many of our students also start their own business. If you're an ambitious entrepreneur, you can use our Knowledge Dock business incubation space to get started.

    Our postgraduate degrees are highly specialist, professional courses that will enable you to take a step up in your finance, accountancy or management career. Our graduates have gone on to work for companies such as Nomura, IAG Cargo, Macquarie, HSBC, Barclays, Wells Fargo and Metro Bank.

    At UEL, you'll have access to:

    • Employability skills training such as interview techniques and CV writing.
    • Career Assessment, giving you the opportunity to learn about yourself and Career Coach will help you to discover career suggestions based on your interests.
    • UEL Skills Academy, where external professionals deliver sessions on the competencies most prized by graduate employers.
    • Internships, placements and volunteering opportunities from our work placements team.
    • Professional mentoring scheme, matching students with staff from major companies.
    • Networking opportunities and annual careers fair.
    • Support with setting up your own business.

    Our staff

    Find out more about our staff by visiting our School of Business and Law.

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    Our location

    Our location in one of Europe's largest regeneration areas and our extensive links to local employers will also give you access to fantastic internships and placements. From heavy industry to high-tech, health and social care to the arts, there are so many opportunities right on our doorstep.

    Career Coach

    Our online Career Coach shows you the different career paths that your chosen subject area can lead you to. It gives you information on specific careers, job roles, potential wages and available jobs in the sector. You can also take a quick quiz to find a career to match your personality type!

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    Undergraduate courses

    MAccFin Accounting and Finance

    Gain a high level of specialist accounting and finance knowledge. Learn financial and management accounting, auditing, taxation and corporate finance.

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    BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance

    This course is accredited by six bodies, exempt from ACCA, ICAEW, CIMA, AIA, CPA Australia and IFA and ensures you become a qualified accountant.

    Read more

    BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance (FinTech pathway)

    The course will enable you to understand the trends and innovations in the financial industry. The future of financial transactions, applications and management of finances is expected to be impacted heavily by FinTech.

    Read more

    BA (Hons) Advertising

    Learn all about the advertising industry: what it does, how it works and how it's changing in relation to the world that it shapes and that helps shape it.

    Find out more

    BSc (Hons) Banking and Finance

    The BSc (Hons) Banking and Finance aims to give you a rigorous grounding in the core concepts, knowledge and skills of Banking and Finance through the thorough examination of the specialist literature in these areas and the practical use of data collection and analysis.

    Apply for our Banking and Finance course

    BSc (Hons) Business Management

    Our BSc (Hons) Business Management combines practical professional experience with creative approaches to enterprise and innovation that will develop your entrepreneurial spirit.

    Read more

    BSc (Hons) Economics

    Our BSc Economics equips you with the right skills to tackle the different challenges you’ll face in the ever-changing business world.

    Read more

    BSc (Hons) Economics (pathway FinTech)

    Develop knowledge of core economic and finance concepts and tools, also learn about the strategic importance of FinTech in businesses.

    Read more

    Human Resource Management

    Our CIPD accredited course not only teaches you the practical principles of HR, but also gives you a broader understanding of business – from marketing to economics – to make you a more rounded and versatile employee.

    Read more

    BSc (Hons) Marketing

    Our BSc (Hons) Marketing programme prepares you for a professional career in marketing management and introduces you to key subjects of marketing. Learn more.

    Read more

    BSc (Hons) Marketing (Data Analytics)

    BSc(Hons) Marketing (Data Analytics) prepares you for a professional career in marketing management. It introduces key subjects of marketing including economics, accounting, consumer behaviour, digital marketing, social media marketing, brand management and corporate social responsibility.

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    Postgraduate courses

    MSc Finance and Risk

    If you want to pursue, or advance, a career in financial management, this master's course is a great choice. It is designed for anyone who wants to gain the professional qualifications of the Chartered Banker Institute (CBI) Investment Management Certificate (IMC) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

    Read more.

    MSc Human Resource Management

    If you are an HR professional, or want to make a move into HR, this master's degree will take your career to the next level. The course combines the theoretical knowledge you would expect at master’s level with the practical elements you will need to succeed in your career.

    Read more

    MSc International Business Management

    Our MSc in International Business Management prepares you for a huge variety of business roles in a global context, whether you're interested in entrepreneurship, global innovation, corporate strategy, consultancy or multinational management.

    Read more

    MBA Master of Business Administration

    Our MBA is a dynamic, contemporary and practical course designed to produce the business leaders of the future. Whether you want to work in senior management, business consultancy, or build your own enterprise, our MBA will give you the skills, inspiration and connections to achieve it.

    Read more

    MBA - Digital Marketing

    The MBA (Digital Marketing) is a digital marketing analytics pathway through our dynamic and contemporary MBA degree - designed to produce marketing business leaders of the future. The rapidly changing business contexts, technological advancements and social transformations means marketing practices now rely heavily upon analysis and interpretation of digital data.

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    MBA - Project Management

    University of East London's MBA (Project Management) is a dynamic, contemporary and practical course designed to create project managers of the future.

    Read more

    MBA Master of Business Administration Business Analytics

    Our MBA (Business Analytics) is a dynamic, contemporary and practical course designed to produce data-driven business leaders of the future. The Industry 4.0 revolution is creating a transformational and competitive business scenario that is full of challenges that demand effective solutions.

    Read more

    MBA Master of Business Administration - Entrepreneurship

    The MBA - Entrepreneurship pathway will help you develop specialist entrepreneurial and leadership skills, enabling you to generate original, innovative, and impactful solutions to identified social, political, economic and cultural needs and opportunities across businesses.

    Read more.

    MBA Master of Business Administration - Sustainable Energy

    The MBA - Sustainable Energy pathway will help you to develop specialist and leadership skills, enabling you to generate original, innovative, and impactful solutions to identified social, political, economic and cultural needs and opportunities in the area of sustainable energy.

    Read more.

    MBA Master of Business Administration - FinTech

    The MBA (FinTech) offers a FinTech pathway through our dynamic and contemporary MBA degree - designed to produce business leaders of the future.

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    MBA - Supply Chain Management

    The way a supply chain functions in its environment is critical to organisation's strategic objectives. Our specialised MBA offers a Supply Chain Management pathway through the existing contemporary and practical MBA.

    Read more

    MSc Oil and Gas Management

    Our MSc Oil and Gas Management is ideal for people with no prior experience of energy management, as well those already working in the industry.

    Read more

    MSc Marketing

    Our MSc Marketing course focuses on the development of an understanding of core marketing theories and an evaluation of how they apply to the role of professional marketing.

    Find out more

    MSc Professional Accounting

    Learn how to apply professional accounting theory to practice, familiarise with the profession's latest thinking, techniques and practices.

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