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"Design of any scale responds to – and in parallel leads – cultural and social change. Our everyday living changes rapidly. The changing demographics, the emergence of new technologies, the move of populations between places shift the way in which we inhabit, use and share spaces.

What is the role of design in the rapidly changing contemporary world? What is 'home' in the future densely populated city centres? What is the 'shop' of the future – in times when e-commerce changes the nature and experience of the marketplace? What is the 'office space' of the future when new collaboration patterns emerge and new communication media evolve? What is the 'museum' or the ‘school-space’ of the future in the information age? What kind of social interaction does the design of a place enable? How does materiality, texture, wear, physicality, proximity, placeness matter in an increasingly digitalised context?

Our design workshop discusses the above questions in a rigorous, experimental and creative manner."

UEL MA Interior Design programme leader: Dr Anastasia Karandinou

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