Accepting Your Offer!

If you are ready to accept your offer from UEL, you can do through the Applicant Portal link found on your offer letter. 

A quick breakdown of what your offer means:

Unconditional: You're in! You have met our academic entry requirements and we do not require any further academic qualifications from you.

Conditional: You're in if you meet the conditions. This may be certain grades or English language requirements. 

You will need to complete all steps outlined in your offer letter and meet the requirements. You can complete all steps from logging into your Applicant Portal. 

  1. Meeting Your Conditions and Accepting Your Offer

Upload documents to meet your outstanding academic conditions. If you're ready to make UEL your firm choice, this can also be done through the applicant portal. 

Make sure you're familiar with our International Deadlines so you don't miss your chance to study with us. 

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2. Pay Your Deposit 

In order to move to the compliance stage, you will have to pay your deposit. Please ensure that you complete your payment via Flywire to ensure the payment arrives into our account as swiftly as possible. Please note that you will not be able to start your compliance checks until the money arrives into our account*. 

If you are a sponsored student please ensure that you show proof of sponsorship to pass the deposit check. 

*Make sure that you pay early to give your payment time to arrive into our account and you don't miss any deadlines.

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3. Meet the Compliance Checks

As part of the admissions process for international students you may be required to meet additional compliance checks. UEL works with different partners to support our compliance process, and you may be required to engage with our partners Kira Talent and Enroly. 

Additional compliance checks can include:

  • Meeting Maintenance requirements - documents should be uploaded via Enroly
  • Submitting TB Certificate - uploaded via Enroly
  • Pass a Pre CAS-Interview - completed via the Kira Talent link
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4. Receive CAS and Apply For Your Visa

Once you've met your academic and compliance conditions within the deadlines you will be eligible to receive your CAS and apply for your visa.

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5. Join Us For Our Pre-Arrival & Kickstarter Programme

Once you've made it through the final checks, make sure to keep an eye out on your emails for invitations to join our Pre-Arrival and Kickstart Programmes. 

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If you have completed and passed all the steps above, you will receive your CAS shortly after, by the CAS deadline.