When can support be put in place?

Anticipatory adjustments are available to all students immediately from the date of enrolment.


Institutional support

Once you have registered with the Disability & Dyslexia Team for individual adjustments and have provided appropriate evidence we will be able to put institutional reasonable adjustments in place for you.

Where personal support is required to help you to access your course the University will put interim support in place for you.  Where appropriate, costs for this will be recovered from the Disabled Students’ Allowances once these have been approved.

We strongly recommend that applicants register with our Service before they start their course so that their needs can be assessed and adjustments can be put in place for the start of their studies (including any support for induction if this is required).

Please note that due to time restrictions/deadlines, it may not be possible for all adjustments to be put in place immediately.  This restriction applies to examination arrangements and personal support.  Please see the section on reasonable adjustments for more information. 


Additional support recommended from Disabled Students’ Allowances

Where additional support is recommended as part of your package, this will be put in place once your Funding Body has confirmed which recommendations they have approved.  How the adjustments are put in place will depend on the decision of your Funding body as they decide which agency they will fund to provide the support.

If your Funding body has authorised the University to provide your support, we will be able to make arrangements for you on receipt of details of your availability and timetable.  We may need you to make an appointment to discuss how the adjustments are to be arranged before the support can be organised.  Where the University has put interim cover in place for personal support this will be reviewed at this point in time.

If your Funding body authorises an agency other than the University to provide your support, we will do our best to help you to put your adjustments in place, however, there may be limitations on the extent of help that we can provide as we will have no direct links with the agency involved. 


Changes in circumstances

If you experience a change in your condition or circumstances at any point during your course of study, the Disability & Dyslexia team will be happy to review your reasonable adjustments to identify any additional or alternative adjustments you require.  Please contact us for an appointment as soon as you feel that you need additional help as this can prevent problems from escalating.

Additional medical evidence may be required to support your request for additional adjustments.  Where this is the case, the adjustment will be put in place once the evidence has been received.  It may be necessary for you to attend an appointment to discuss how the arrangements are to be organised before they can be put in place.