How will my support be put in place?


Informing your tutors/Schools

With your permission, your Learning Support Agreement will be submitted to your School, which will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that your tutors are given a copy of the LSA
  • Putting in place the examination arrangements incorporated in the LSA and providing you with examination timetable information incorporating your special arrangements
  • Putting in place the academic support arrangements recommended in your LSA


Library Support

The Disability & Dyslexia Team will contact the Library to make these arrangements.  You will be entitled to extended library loans and be able to access the specialist I.T. equipment held in the libraries.


Support funded from Disabled Students’ Allowances

Where additional support is recommended as part of your Disabled Students’ Allowances package, this will be put in place once your Funding Body has confirmed which recommendations they have approved.  How the adjustments are put in place will depend on the decision of your Funding body as they decide which agency they will fund to provide the support. 

If your Funding body has authorised the University to provide your support, we will be able to make arrangements for you on receipt of details of your availability and timetable.  We may need you to make an appointment to discuss how the adjustments are to be arranged before the support can be organised.  Where the University has put interim cover in place for personal support this will be reviewed at this point in time.

If your Funding body authorises an agency other than the University to provide your support, we will do our best to help you to put your adjustments in place.


Arranging Support Workers through the University

If you require a note taker or other personal support worker we can help you find appropriate support.

We will need you to provide a copy of your current timetable, including any group sessions and seminars as soon as possible to enable us to provide these details to the Agency.  Once a timetable is in place you will be allocated a support worker(s) to work with.  


Arranging a Specialist tutor/Mentor through the University

You will be sent a registration form to formally register with the agency organised by the University.  You will be asked to make your availability known so that an available tutor/mentor can be assigned for the appropriate day.  Once you have completed your form and returned it to the agency, you will be contacted by the assigned tutor to meet.

As this support is funded from your Disabled Students’ Allowances, you will be asked to sign a formal contract for this support and must abide by our Cancellation Policy. 


Changing from University support

If you wish to find your own support rather than accessing that organised by the University, this is acceptable under the DSA regulations.  In order to change your provider you will need to:

  • Find a new provider and get formal details of their charges.  Please note that if the cost of the new provider exceeds the cost of University support, it is likely that you will have to fund the difference from your personal finances in line with DSA regulations.  You will be responsible for ensuring that the provider is suitably qualified to provide the assistance to you.  You will not be entitled to see the external provider on University premises.
  • Contact the Disability & Dyslexia Team and provide us with the details of the new provider.
  • The Disability & Dyslexia Team will inform your Funding Body that you have requested a move to the new provider and will confirm the date from which UEL will no longer provide support. 

You must wait for your Funding Body to authorise the move before you make arrangements to see your new provider.

The Disability & Dyslexia Team will confirm to the new provider the number of hours of support that is left unused.