Supporting you during your studies 

To access support during your studies at UEL, you need to attend an appointment with the Disability & Dyslexia Team to discuss your individual support requirements. We encourage applicants and students to contact us as soon as possible to avoid a delay in accessing support.  

To book an appointment, please contact our Student Hub on: 0208 223 4444, alternatively, please email your availability to We are able to offer, Phone, video call (Microsoft Teams) and in person appointments.

If you require any additional arrangements for the appointment such as a BSL interpreter, please make this known when booking.


Support available


We recommend support that you may need for assessments, the classroom and the library. We can set up adjustments such as additional time in exams, extended library loans, permission to audio record classes.  


In discussion with you, we would create a Teaching and Learning Support Requirements form that, with your permission, would be sent to your tutors so they are aware of the recommendations that have been made for you.  

To set up support, we would need evidence of your diagnosis, please see our information on medical and diagnostic evidence for further information. 

The type of support we can arrange will depend on your diagnostic evidence that you have provided and your individual needs. 

Please note that due to time restrictions/deadlines, it may not be possible for all adjustments to be put in place immediately, for example examination arrangements and one to one support. Please see our exam and assessment arrangements page for further information on deadlines.  


Additional support


In addition to support that we can set up for you, UK (home) students can apply for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) for additional support. DSA assess additional requirements you have, in the areas of assistive technology, one to one support, and assistance with travel. This will vary depending on your diagnosis. Please see our information on Disabled Students Allowance.  

There is  also range of support available to all students at the university, please visit our page on support for all students.  

Confidentiality and permission to share information

To set up support for you, we will require your written consent to share information with relevant staff in the university and/or external support providers, in order to facilitate implementing reasonable adjustments for your course of study.

We will hold information relating to your condition for a maximum of six years from the commencement of your course. In situations where your course exceeds this timeframe, DDT will hold records until one year after your graduation. All records will be stored electronically and at the end of the period outlined above, will be deleted.


When to review your support


The support we set up will be in place for the duration of your course (unless it is for a temporary condition). We are happy to review your support at any point during your time at UEL. We will need to review your support for the following reasons:

  • If there is substantial change in your condition
  • If you receive an additional diagnosis (additional evidence will be required)
  • If you change your course or return to start a new one 
  • If you return from a break in study

If you wish to review your support, please book an appointment with our team by visiting the Student Hub or by calling on 0208 223 4444. Alternatively, you can email us your availability or queries to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.