Thank you for your application to the University of East London. In line with industry expectations of journalism courses, you are required to attend an interview. During term-time, you are also invited to spend half a day working with existing students and staff on the production of our news website Rising East. Individual interviews will follow on from this collaborative session.

During the day, we will find out about your aptitudes, and you will experience our ‘learning by doing’ approach to journalism.

If for unavoidable reasons you are unable to attend in person, a telephone interview will be arranged.

On the day

Please come to the Docklands Campus at the University of East London and make your way to the Knowledge Dock reception area. Please arrive by 10.30am.

If your interview date occurs during term time, between 11am and 2pm you will be working on stories for Rising East with existing students and staff.

Your individual interview will be completed by 5pm.

On arrival the time-slot for your individual interview will be confirmed.

Our address is:
The University of East London
Docklands campus
E16 2RD

The nearest station is Cyprus on the Docklands Light Railway. 

When you arrive

Please enter Docklands Campus via the main reception (next to Cyprus DLR station).

Ask the main receptionist to direct you to Knowledge Dock. Please wait in the reception area of Knowledge Dock where you will be greeted by Admissions staff and by a member of academic staff who will take you to the newsroom.

Please make sure you are on time. If you arrive late, it may not be possible to integrate you into the Rising East editorial meeting.

You will need to bring photographic ID e.g. passport/driving licence, and a photocopy of this.

Please also bring something you have written or produced which is not about you, e.g. article, review, essay, blogpost, podcast, video, photo-album.

It’s fine to show us this on your phone.


You will normally be interviewed by two members of staff. The length of a typical interview is 15 minutes.

You will be asked to tell us about projects/ideas you have worked on previously. During term-time, you will also be asked about the Rising East story which you contributed to earlier in the day.

After the interview

We will notify you of the outcome of your interview through your UCAS Track or we will send you an email with our decision.

If you are offered a place at the University of East London, you will be required to accept/decline your place as per UCAS deadlines/the deadline in your email.

Special access or requirements

If you have any special access or communication requirements for your visit, please let us know prior to your visit.

We also have a dedicated disability support service for disabled students and those with specific learning difficulties.

You can contact them on 020 8223 4444.
We look forward to meeting you!

Frequently asked questions

Can I see the facilities?

Yes. Teaching staff and/or students will show you our studios and workrooms.

Student accommodation: If you would like to see our student accommodation please contact our Residential Services Team in advance. You can email them on

You are welcome to explore our campuses prior to and following your interview.

Detailed campus tours are available during our offer holder days and open days.

Can I bring a family member or friend?

Yes, although they will not be invited to collaborate with existing students or attend the interview. 

Can I bring children?

You are welcome to bring children, but they must be accompanied by another adult.

University of East London staff cannot look after children while your interview is taking place, and children must not be left unaccompanied anywhere on the university's premises.

Can I park on campus?

Limited spaces for parking are available.

If you require a parking space please contact us in advance on 020 8223 3333 with your vehicle registration, make and model.

Parking is not available without prior notice.

Any other questions?

Please contact our Applicant Enquiries team on 020 8223 3333 or