Thank you for your application to study Fashion Product Management and Innovation at the School of Arts & Creative Industries (ACI) with The University of East London.

As part of the admissions requirements you are required to upload a digital portfolio for us to assess your work.

How do I send my portfolio?

Please upload a portfolio of your current work to support your application.  

Your portfolio should be on Flickr (upload a document containing a link) or submitted in a PDF / PowerPoint format.

What does my portfolio need to show?

We'd like to see your passion for what you do and hope to achieve on this course.

You need to demonstrate to us,  how you hope to make the best out of this opportunity.

You should be able to speak about fashion brands and designers’ works, products and projects, art and visuals that inspire you.

We expect to see evidence of digital skills, sketchbooks full of ideas and visual experimentation.

We would like to see evidence of some form of visual research.

This should be an organised presentation of gallery visit documents, contemporary articles about your inspirations, photographs of things that you’ve seen, projects you have worked on.

There is no maximum submission but keep to 15 to 20 slides/pages.

Your submission should include a personal statement of approximately 100-150 words of why you want to study Fashion Product Management and Innovation at UEL and what you aim to achieve by the end of this course.

Aim to make your portfolio easy to understand, try to avoid repetition and focus on your best-edited work on the following in addition to your personal statement:

Evidence of research and inspiration

Evidence of visual research including museum/ gallery visits.

Evidence of relevant contemporary design articles and photographs of things that inspire you.

Mixed media - Digital

If you’ve made any mixed media, multimedia, we would like to see those.

Evidence of self-initiated projects/brands/work/blogs

You should show major pieces of course work that you’ve undertaken, but what we really like to see is a self-initiated project that you’ve undertaken(an enterprise, a blog, a brand, a product etc.).

Evidence of an understanding of fashion market levels

We would like to see common knowledge of brands and evidence of publication knowledge – relevant newspaper and high-end conceptual fashion magazines.

Present two of your most favourite fashion brands. Outlining with key words why and how they inspire you. 

How will I know the outcome?

We will notify you of the outcome through your UCAS Track or we will send you an email with our decision.

If you receive a place at UEL you will be required to accept/decline your place as per UCAS deadlines/the deadline in your email.

We look forward to seeing your work.