About the Creative Design Experience at the University of East London

We are a very active subject area in the Art and Creative Design team. We strive to engage our students with lots of different topics, mediums and processes such as typography, printing, video, motion graphics, photography, narrative, UI (User Interaction), UX (User Experience), AR (Augmented reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and social design.

We offer lectures from industry professionals, specialist designers and practitioners.

Our Culture Series, gallery visits and exhibition trips are also an important part of the journey you will make on your way to becoming a graphic designer or illustrator of the future.

Creative courses Portfolio Request

Thank you for your application to the University of East London. As part of the admissions process you are required to upload a digital portfolio of your work.

Ideally you should submit a .pdf file or a link to a digital platform containing the requested work. Aim to make it self-explanatory and as easy for us to see your work as possible.

Three students sitting round a table in a classroom

How to design a portfolio

Watch our helpful video about how to design a portfolio.

Further questions

What does my portfolio need to show?

We are looking for students with the signs of design mind at work. Our subject is concerned with all kind of visual communication so you should you try to include examples of typography.

Examples of work we want to see included in your portfolio are:

  • Sketchbooks full of ideas and visual experimentation.
  • Drawing skills – observational drawing, mark making and colour experiments.
  • Evidence of self-initiated projects/work/blogs
  • Evidence of visual research – gallery visits/contemporary design articles 
  •  Evidence and knowledge of techniques relevant to graphic design such as collage, type, printing, animation, image making, film and photography

(Examples of Mixed media – digital/moving image or animation can be brought on USB stick)

  • You Inspirations
  • A design sensibility
  • Passion, dedication and care.

Avoid repetition, showing us lots of the same thing.

Try to show us examples of your work that include as many different mediums as possible.

Sometimes less is more, so don’t send us everything, just your best work and what we have asked for.

After the interview

We will notify you of the outcome through your UCAS Track or we will send you an email with our decision.

If you receive a place at UEL you will be required to accept/decline your place as per UCAS deadlines/the deadline in your email.

Any other questions?

Please contact our Applicant Enquires team on 020 8223 3333 or study@uel.ac.uk

We look forward to receiving your portfolio and good luck, UEL .