We are pleased that you have chosen to put yourself forward as a potential candidate for our BSc (Hons) Counselling programme. We are located in the College of Applied Health and Communities, which is based on UEL's Stratford campus. 

How do I confirm my attendance?

The date and time of your interview can be found on your Applicant Portal. Before attending, please accept or decline the invitation, or request an alternative date.

If you confirm your attendance at interview and then do not attend without prior cancellation you will not be offered another interview.

I live outside the UK, what should I do?

In order to assist us in arranging your interview by Skype (and to despatch the same Welcome Pack that on-site applicants receive on the morning of their interview), please email the following information to the Undergraduate Admissions Team ; where possible no less than two weeks prior to the intended date of your interview:

  • Your UEL Reference Number (e.g. UEL ref: 1444444)
  • Your Skype ID
  • A web-based email address which you are able to check regularly (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo)
  • Your location and any time-difference from UEL's GMT time-zone.
  • A mobile telephone number and/or landline, in the event of technical or other issues which need resolving either in advance or on the day of your interview
  • Typical time-frames of availability, should UEL request that you complete one or more additional components of the interview on a date other than your interview date.

Can I request an alternative date?

We do understand that it is not always convenient for applicants to attend an interview on the date we propose. Using the login instructions which have been previously sent to you, it is possible to request an alternative date through the Applicant Portal. We do our level best to work with you toward accommodating a rebooking request, but cannot guarantee that this will always be possible.

Keep in mind that, as a BACP-accredited programme, demand tends to be high for this highly-respected undergraduate degree, and there are only a limited number of places available each academic year. In instances where subsequent interview dates are booked well in advance, and to capacity, there may be a risk that we would be unable to accommodate your request.

We therefore ask that, if at all possible, you make arrangements to attend on the date we propose. Doing so avoids the risk of disappointment.

Where will the interview take place?

University of East London
Stratford campus
Water Lane
London, E15 4LZ
United Kingdom

The entrance to our Stratford Campus reception area is accessed by a cul-de-sac just off Water Lane. Because there is no car parking available on site or in the immediate vicinity, arrival on-foot or by taxi is advised.

Please report to the receptionist no later than 9:45 on the morning of your interview.

What should I expect on the day?

The receptionist will provide you with a Welcome Pack, which you are encouraged to read whilst you wait to be escorted to the Arthur Edwards Building.

You will typically be required to stay on campus until at least 12:45 pm, and may be required until 1:45 pm, depending on how various activities and events have been organised. We ask this of you because individual elements of the interview process are finalised on the day.

Activities are arranged to ensure that you have multiple opportunities to be in direct contact with various members of the BSc Counselling team. This approach is intended to ensure that your application receives the fullest consideration possible. It is therefore requested that you provisionally make yourself available from 9:45 am to 1:45 pm, and that you remain flexible with regard to any unscheduled breaks or early finish-times.

Aside from one or more individual interviews and a group activity, you will also be asked to complete a brief reading, writing and comprehension exercise. Additionally, if you do not meet the minimum of C grade in GCSE English and/or Maths (or an accepted equivalent qualification), then you may be required to complete our assessment on the day of the interview.

During your time with us, we will ensure there are opportunities for you to ask any questions which aren’t addressed in the Welcome Pack. This will help you discover what makes our BACP-accredited programme so unique and highly-respected.

Can I bring children?

You are welcome to bring children on the day of your interview but they must be accompanied by another adult. UEL staff cannot look after children while your interview activities are taking place and children must not be left unaccompanied anywhere on UEL premises. It is not appropriate for children to be in the interview with you, as this would limit the ability for both you and the interviewer to hold an open conversation about future studies at UEL; similarly, children are not permitted in interview-activity environments.

How will I be notified of the outcome?

We will notify you of the outcome of your interview through your UCAS Track, or we will send you an email with our decision. If you are offered a place at UEL, you will be required to accept/decline your place in accordance with UCAS deadlines and/or the deadline stipulated in your email.

Due to the high volume of interviews we arrange and conduct, we are unable to provide detailed individual feedback. We only accept one application per cycle; you may reapply for the following year if you are unsuccessful on this occasion.

Special access or requirements

If you have a disability that you have not already disclosed on your UCAS application, please let us know. Whether you have disclosed your disability via UCAS or not, please let us know in advance of the day of your interview if there are any special arrangements or support that would help you. Doing so ensures that we can make any appropriate and reasonable arrangements in good time for your interview.

Mentioning your disability, any special access or communication requirements, and/or specific learning difficulties will not affect your application, as admissions decisions are made solely on the grounds of merit. Information provided may be shared with colleagues in the College (and University more widely) who would be involved with making any required arrangements.

We also have a dedicated disability support service for disabled students and those with specific learning difficulties. You can contact them on 020 8223 4444.