Thank you for your application to the University of East London. As part of the admissions process you are required to upload a digital portfolio of your work. Please upload a portfolio of your current work to support your application.
Ideally you should submit a .pdf file or a link to a digital platform containing the requested work. Aim to make it self-explanatory and as easy for us to see your work as possible.

About the Photography programme at the University of East London

As a BA (Hons) Photography student at the University of East London, you will gain advanced skills in photographic production while developing a sophisticated understanding of the history and theory of photography. You will work on collaborative and inter-disciplinary projects throughout the programme, enabling you to develop an understanding of different working practices in creative industries' settings.

You will have access to not only extensive resources in photography but those of other disciplines, like fine art and print making. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of our extensive links to professional labs and facilities in and around London, as well as London-based practitioners who are leaders in their field. At the end of the three years, you will have developed your own creative visual language and refined your professional identity for entering the creative industries or post-graduate study. Graduating with a Photography degree from the University of East London means that you are not only prepared for your future career but that you will be supported by a network of friends and collaborators from the many disciplines that make up the School of Arts, Technology & Innovation. We look forward to working with you and supporting you in your journey as a photographer. 

What does my portfolio need to show?

We would like you to submit a digital portfolio of 15-20 photographs. Ideally you should submit a .pdf file or a link to a digital platform containing the requested work.

 We would like your portfolio to include:

  1. Your current coursework and /or personal photographic work. We are looking for potential, passion, how you communicate through your images.  
  2.    Your portfolio can consist of just digitally shot images. However, if you have shot analogue/ film, please include some of these in your portfolio, including darkroom prints.
  3. We welcome you to include drawings, multi-media work and moving image as part of your portfolio (by e.g. including a link to your work on a YouTube site).
  4.  Present work that shows your passion & interest in photography.
  5. Include a sample page/s of your sketchbook/ visual experimentation/ note book.

Avoid repetition, showing us lots of the same thing. Sometimes less is more, so don’t send us everything, just your best work and what we have asked for.

More about our school and our work

Please have a look at the work our students undertake on either our  blog or follow us on our Instagram.

Any other questions

Please contact our Applicant Enquires team on 020 8223 3333 or

We look forward to receiving your portfolio and good luck.