Frequently Asked Questions

When is my deadline?

If you're wanting to start university in September 2022

  • If you receive your last decision on or before 19 May 2022, your reply date is 9 June 2022.
  • If you receive your last decision on or before 14 July 2022, your reply date is 21 July 2022.

What replies can I give?

Firm acceptance – this is your first choice.

If we've given you an unconditional offer, the place is yours! If we've given you a conditional offer, the place is yours if you meet the offer conditions.

All you need to do is firmly accept either option in UCAS Track.

Insurance acceptance – the back-up choice to a conditional firm acceptance.

We advise that you pick somewhere that you like and you're happy with, just in case you don't meet the requirements of your firm choice. You can't choose between your firm and insurance when you get your results, so make sure you're happy with which is your firm and which is your insurance before you reply.

Decline – you'll need to decline any other offers you get.

You don't need to wait until you have all your replies. If you have your offer from us and want to firmly accept it, you can decline the other offers in UCAS Track.

You can only accept one firm choice and one insurance choice (if you choose to have one). You must decline all other offers.

Where can I find out more before making my decision?

As an offer holder you are invited to attend an in-person or virtual Offer Holder Day where you can attend taster sessions, to find out what it's like to study your course at UEL, ask questions, get to know your lecturers and chat to current students and alumni. 

What do my offers mean?

Unconditional firm (UF) You're in!

Conditional firm (CF)You're in if you meet the conditions.

Conditional firm (CF) and conditional insurance (CI) You've made a first and second choice - you'll be in at the first if you meet the conditions. If not, you might have met the conditions of the second - if so you'll be on that course instead.

Conditional firm (CF) and unconditional insurance (UI) You've made a first and second choice - if you meet the conditions of the first you'll be on that course. If not, you'll definitely be on the second.


Our Applicant Enquiries team are available to provide information and advice and resolve any queries you may have.

They're available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.


Phone: +44 (0)20 8223 3333

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