The University welcomes applicants with disabilities and will work with them to ensure that all reasonable adjustments that can be put in place to help them to access their studies are made available. In very rare occasions, however, there may be an academic competence standard that needs to be considered.

competence standard is defined as:

‘An academic, medical or other standard applied by or on behalf of a responsible body for the purpose of determining whether or not a person has a particular level of competence or ability’.

These standards may be prescribed by an external professional body (e.g. law, medicine and veterinary science) and may be linked to fitness to practice. There is no duty to make reasonable adjustments in respect to the application of a competence standard but we will be able to consider adjustments to help you reach the standard or to how the standard is assessed if this is viable.

If you have any concerns that your condition may make it difficult for you to meet the requirements of a course in which you are interested, please do contact us as it will enable to us to look at your particular circumstances and what adjustments we can consider. In some circumstances, we may be able to liaise with the professional body concerned to find an alternative method of assessing the standard.