Welcome to the University of East London! Congratulations on all you have achieved this past year and for your resilience and hard work through the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic. We are looking forward to you joining our community and taking the next steps towards your ambitions. I am delighted that  you have chosen to invest in your future with us.
The University of East London priorities a safe, welcoming, fulfilling, inclusive environment of success for all and your wellbeing is key to this. We have many resources to support all forms of wellness and a comprehensive extra-curricular programme of events, activities, clubs and societies for you to explore exciting new opportunities, meet new friends and discover new horizons. All our campuses are Covid-Secure, inline with UK Government guidelines, to ensure that you can enjoy the full University experience, governed by our Covid-19 Tiers of Operation System.
Our UEL Community Wellness Pledge requires all members of the University community to commit to expected behaviours to keep ourselves and our community healthy, safe and supported.
The University of East London has galvanised around our commitment to deliver the highest quality, careers-first education. You'll find we've invested and transformed the way we do things to give you a flying start, leading the way education should be delivered. Our ground-breaking curriculum is delivered through our innovative Dual
Delivery 2.0 (DD 2.0) framework. This offers a holistic approach to teaching and learning that focuses on developing your academic and personal skills to prepare you for the jobs of the future. DD2.0 enables you to engage in a wide range of inspiring learning and development opportunities through a flexible, personalised,  careers-focussed educational experience.
You are joining a thriving and vibrant community on campus. You will find that the friendly and diverse nature of campus life is shared by the community at large. On our campuses, we have a wide range of services devoted to supporting your studies.
You will have access to libraries, computing facilities, welfare, advice and many social and sporting facilities. The Students' Union at the University also aims to help you love your time at UEL, to help you make friends and discover new activities and to represent your academic interests to the University.
We want you to hit the ground running when you enrol with us. This 'Next Steps Guide' is designed to help you settle into your studies and life on campus as soon as possible by providing you with a range of important and interesting information. So please do make sure you read this document and keep it safe.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

With best wishes,
Professor Amanda Broderick
Vice-Chancellor & President