What is enrolment?

Online Enrolment is our registration process. It's like signing-up for an online service: you confirm your personal information and check it's accurate, then you choose your options, agree to terms and conditions, and pay your registration fee. Once complete, you are registered and can begin to use the service.
When starting university, online enrolment involves you providing confirmation of the details you entered on your application form, paying your tuition fees, registering your course modules and agreeing to the terms and conditions for your course of study. Once complete, you will officially become a student of the University of East London.
Online Enrolment is a critical step – if you do not enrol you do not become a student.

How do I enrol?

To complete online enrolment, either follow the instructions you have been emailed, or follow these steps:

Change your password

 Log in and change your password. You can follow the instructions in your welcome email.

If you need help with changing your password see our password page ; or watch our step-by-step video guide to logging in for the first time. 

Complete online enrolment

Once you have logged in to UEL Direct, click on the enrolment button on the homepage to begin online enrolment. 

  • To move through each section, click 'Save and proceed'
  • to move back a stage, click 'Back'
  • Fields marked with [*] are compulsory. 
  • You can click the [?] symbol at any point for more details about a particular field.

Set up additional security

After you have enrolled, you will need to set up something called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to continue accessing our online services.

Additional support and resources

 Once you have  set up your UEL account, you  can use your login details to access our internal website for students  - Track My Future.

On Track My Future you will find detailed information about:

If you  get stuck with the enrolment process  then visit our enrolment FAQs or contact the Hub via  My Portal

Additional information for international students

If you're an international student, you may need to make a tuition fee payment or provide proof of funding or sponsorship to complete online enrolment.  Please follow the guidance provided within UEL Direct.

Completing the Right to Study Check

You will need to complete the Right to Study check which can be found in the 'My Task' section within UEL Direct. The Right to Study Check allows the university to collect copies of your passport and visa or visa application form at each step of your visa application journey.

International students are considered to be fully enrolled and  permitted to study online whilst their enrolment status is 'Enrolled Pending Right to Study'.

You will pass the Right to Study check when you have uploaded all the required documents showing:

  1. Your visa has been approved and you have arrived in the UK or
  2.  You have submitted an in-time visa application in the UK.

You can find advice personal to you on what documents you need to upload in the Right to Study Check.

Already enrolled?

Once enrolled you can register to attend unmissable events and get involved in the full university experience.

See events

Get to know your Students' Union

The UEL Students' Union has a fantastic range of events designed to help you meet new friends, find new hobbies, get involved in social groups and just generally have a great time while getting to know each other. Visit the SU website.

Get moving

East London Sport have a number of pop-up events you can get involved in if you're up for the challenge! Visit SportsDock.


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If you want to know more, get in touch - we're happy to help.